Using Brexit to Your Advantage

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Many traders have been terrified since Brexit. With the drop value of the pound so widely talked about, you’d be forgiven for thinking your future Forex trading days were bleak. Maybe even that they were over. However, this isn’t the case. Although many areas of the economy have lost out since Brexit, some stand to gain strength. Many investors will have new opportunities to grow cash if they’re  smart.

Making Money In Spite Of The  Drop

Freedom from the EU and the fact that the pound is weaker could both be factors that actually help traders. A fall in sterling could be good news for companies listed in Britain’s top stock market FTSE 100, such as Tesco. This is because a high number of them generate their sales outside of the UK, but report in pounds. Gold and diamond firms are some of the commodities that are considered safe post-Brexit. The UK tech sector could also get good results from Brexit. Savers and investors shouldn’t lose focus on their long-term goals in spite of these new  challenges.

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The Tesco/Unilever  Row

One of Britain’s biggest supermarkets and a well-known consumer goods giant have recently had a very public dispute over prices. Unilever gave Tesco an ultimatum; take or leave the 10% ‘Brexit’ blanket price rise. Tesco refused, and Unilever proceeded to remove their products from the shelves. This left a noticeable shortage. It’s clear who the real winner was. Tesco vowed to go on without over 200 products, such as Marmite and Hellman’s mayo, and it became the top riser in the FTSE 100. Unilever became one of the biggest fallers, losing £3 billion from their share price. Critics and shoppers were in uproar, claiming that Unilever were using Brexit as an excuse to simply exploit customers. With their 10% price hikes, it definitely looked that way. Shoppers vowed to boycott Unilever, and more specifically, Marmite. Many of Unilever’s products, including Marmite, are made in Britain and therefore immune to price rises post-Brexit. This makes it clear that Unilever simply attempted to use Brexit as a smokescreen. The anti-competitive, aggressive blanket price rise approach taken by Unilever is very different to that of other goods companies. It took just a few days for Unilever to see the error of their ways, and they backed down, coming to an agreement with Tesco. The details of the new deal with Tesco have not been revealed. However, it’s thought that a limited range of price increases will be noticed within the next few  months.

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