Viral Cartoonist: Political Commentators ‘Have to Live with the Consequences’

By  MRCTV, Special for USDR.

Viral Cartoonist Dr. James MacCloud tells MRCTV he does believe there are boundaries cartoonists shouldn’t cross – but, those lines change with the times: “The very short answer is, ‘Yes.’ I’m not entirely sure where these lines are and I don’t think they’re static lines.”

MacCloud said he thinks the Paris attack will make some cartoonists more reluctant:  “Is it likely to put a little bit of hesitation in cartoonists’ minds? Yes, I think it is. I find myself this week in the spotlight and asking myself, Do I really want to be out here talking about these issues?’”

But, in the end, every creative person has to decide for himself, he said: “I guess, any of us who put our political views out into the public sphere have to live with the consequences. I was raised in Scotland and my mom raised me with the principle that, if you’re willing to dish it out, you have got to be willing to take it. So, I think political cartoonists, the very first place that you get callouses is on your fingers, but pretty quickly after that you develop callouses everywhere else, because you need pretty thick skin.”

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