Walking Tips for Beginners

Walking is the most popular form of exercise as it is easy, free and can be done in any place. However, due to the qualities we just mentioned, you may be tempted to skip your walking workout. Is your walking routine in danger of lapsing? Or do you just want to ramp up your walking  routine?

If the answer to any of these questions is a big yes, then this article was written with you in mind. Having said that, here are walking tips you should know  about:

  1. Have a backup  plan

What will you do if you wake up late and end up missing your morning walk? I know that many people will decide to walk the next day. However, it is better to walk during lunch or when you wake  up.

Is that dinner with friends preventing you from taking your regular evening stroll and you don’t know what to do? Just walk for 15 minutes in the morning and before going to the dinner. It may be a good idea to keep a pair of sneakers in your car as this will give you the option to walk whenever you have free  time.

  1. Create a  cue

Most of the daily habits such as brushing teeth when you wake up and before going to bed happen because there is something that signals you to do them. Tie your walks to regularly scheduled activities like getting up in the morning or lunchtime. As time goes by, you will associate walking with these activities. Doing these activities will remind you that it is time to go for a  walk.

  1. Walk with your  pet

Several studies have shown that people who walk dogs walk more. Walking with a pet such as a dog could help you walk on a regular basis. Don’t have a dog? Just ask your neighbor whether you can walk his or her dog or check if a local shelter needs a volunteer  walker.

  1. Listen to audiobooks while  walking        

Listening to audiobooks while walking can pass time quickly and provide motivation. Ensure that the volume is low and only use one earbud in case you will be walking outdoors as this will keep you alert to your  surroundings.

  1. Consider a little  rhythm

It has been proven that music can motivate exercisers to go harder and longer. Do you remember the theme song from Chariots of Fire? Or Rocky? Look for any type of music that can inspire you and add energy to your steps, and motivate  you.

First of all, warm up with songs with a slower beat and then consider high energy music when you in the middle of your walk. Finally, finish your routine with songs that are slow and relaxing. It can even be a good idea to consider alternating slow and fast songs to achieve a musical interval walk. Ensure that your volume is low and only use one earbud when walking  outdoors.


  1. Change your walking  route

You can invigorate your walking routine by considering a new walking route even if it is only walking to a new neighborhood nearby. However, if this is impossible, walk earlier or later than you usually do following the same route. Or you can decide to ask someone else to walk with you. Strap on your Softwalks and off you  go

Different conversation topics and personalities will motivate you to walk far. You will also see things differently when you follow your usual route but do so in the opposite  direction.

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