Washington Post Journalist Finally Released

By  Ali Rezaian, Special for  USDR

Washington Post reporter, Jason Rezaian, has been released along with three other dual U.S.-Iranian nationals. Arrested in Tehran in July of 2014, Jason has been incarcerated for nearly eighteen months in Iran’s Evin Prison, where he was subjected to months of harsh interrogations and solitary  confinement.

On behalf of the family, Jason’s brother, Ali Rezaian, gave his  reaction:

“I am incredibly relieved that Jason is on his way home. He is a talented journalist, who was simply doing his job fairly, accurately and lawfully. Jason is a loving brother, son and devoted husband, whose life was unfairly interrupted when he was arrested for crimes he did not commit. After nearly a year and a half of arbitrary delays, and an unfair, opaque judicial process, Jason’s release has brought indescribable relief and joy to our family – this nightmare is approaching an end. We are also overjoyed to hear that other Americans being held in Iran also will soon be reunited with their families. Today is an incredible day for all of  us.

“We offer our heartfelt thanks to The Washington Post, its leadership, editors and reporters, who were there with us from day one, providing incredible support and working tirelessly to bring Jason home.  We also want to convey our sincere gratitude to the Obama Administration, Congress, Secretary Kerry and the U.S. Department of State, and the thousands of journalists and individuals around the world who raised their voices to bring awareness of Jason’s plight and to call for his release. This encouragement gave us the strength to keep fighting for Jason every day, and your support helped sustain Jason through this terrible  ordeal.

“As we begin the process of reuniting and healing as a family, we ask that you respect our privacy, and again, we truly appreciate every single person involved in this  effort.”

SOURCE Ali  Rezaian

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