Week of Dec 22 – 28

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Will Europe split the Tories in 2016?

Mr Cameron has a character flaw of stoking up expectations to a preposterous and self-defeating level

David Cameron: why bombing Libya wasn’t a mistake

Libya has been in the news again over Christmas: the UN Security Council has endorsed a new government but as Peter Oborne found out when he visited Benghazi, the city that David Cameron addressed after his 2011 bombing campaign (video above), there isn’t much government to speak of.


When will the Stay in campaign make the case for the EU?

We constantly hear those who want us to stay in saying it is time they set out the case. They regularly chastise each other for failing to make the case. They now have plenty of airtime, but each time one appears he or she soon seeks to  ridicule the Out cause, or seeks to spread misleading suppositions about what might happen if the UK voted to be free.


London must stop sucking up cash from the rest of Britain

It’s obscene that the capital gets whatever it wants – more bridges, concert halls, railways – while the regions are starved of funding

Daniel Hannan: 2015 was the best year in human history, and 2016 will be better yet

Whether we measure literacy or longevity, infant mortality or sexual equality, the world in 2015 was a better place during this past twelve months.

Early in the New Year, IDS should make the case for Brexit

There is a middle course between resigning to speak out and staying in government while saying nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn thinks Labour’s 1983 manifesto was ‘interesting’. I give up

Modern socialism can be summed up by the words of George Bernard Shaw: ‘we learn from history that we learn nothing from history’


Forgive me, trendy holiday cynics: Christmas brings me great joy

Everything about the season is worth loving, except eggnog. Eggnog is gross

The return of opinion polling

Newspapers are stuffed with polls about Europe and Corbyn. Have they forgotten the lessons of the general election? Or have things changed?

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