Week of Feb 2 – 8

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Towards a Charter for Party Reform

The row over the Prime Minister’s remarks about local Associations has been mostly concocted. But the need for Party reform is real.

The Brexit camp is selling a Pollyanna vision that will never exist

The leave campaign must remember the advantages that Britain has negotiated over 40 years of EU membership that will be lost – as will the UK’s main route to global market access


The Cabinet and Europe: an update

Is Patel about to come out fighting for Brexit? Will Gove resist Cameron’s pleas? And what about Boris?


Hancock needs a plan to enforce spirit of new charity rules

Banning the direct state subsidy of third-sector lobbying is welcome, but will be meaningless without measures to prevent indirect subsidy.


What a good Scottish Tory result looks like

The headlines about being Opposition risk inflating expectations. Davidson wants clear evidence of progress and a shift in the terms of debate.


Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have made it clear they like each other – but what are their actual similarities?

For many leftists their version of socialism is a far cry from the revolutionary calls of the past. Conservatives veer wildly between calling them national security threats and dismissing them as irrelevant

David Cameron has finally called the Eurosceptics’ bluff

The Prime Minister’s EU deal may have irked Tory MPs, but what matters is that Cabinet Eurosceptics are too scared to publicly come out against it

Boris lukewarm on Cameron’s EU deal

The Mayor of London isn’t exactly enthusiastic about the PM’s much-vaunted “red card”

Daily catch-up: Latest instalment of Genuine Shop Names

A round-up of what is really important, from the high streets of the United Kingdom and the world


Introducing the Risks of Remain

A ConservativeHome mini-series on the dangers of staying in the EU.

Chuka Umunna open to sharing EU platform with David Cameron

Chuka Umunna has said he is willing to “put party politics in the bin” and campaign alongside David Cameron for Britain to stay in the European Union.

Scottish Labour, peering into the abyss, wake up and decide to do something

Last week Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, ventured south to the Imperial capital to brief the shadow cabinet on her party’s prospects in the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament. Lucky her.

Tightening the electoral roll is good for democracy

It reduces the risk of fraud and motivates parties to go out and persuade the electorate that voting matters.

Daily catch-up: Beautiful libraries, tiny cars and Cameron’s ‘blurt’

Absolutely nothing about the American presidential election

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