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In France, politics has completely realigned. Now two starkly different visions will do battle

They were looking confident at Macron towers as the seconds ticked down towards 8pm local time, and they had every right to be. Emmanuel Macron, the exit polls confirmed, has completed one of the most extraordinary political journeys of modern times – a Trumpian exploit, ripping up the rules of contemporary politics to ditch his party and lead a personal movement – a centrist mash up of Right and Left – which now seems almost certain to carry him to the presidential Élysée Palace.

The Conservatives would be right to drop popular but unwise policies for this election

May must strike the right balance between breaking the Party through into new areas and voter groups, and winning a mandate for effective government.

Theresa May is showing the EU that defeating populism requires listening to voters

Recently, EU president Jean-Claude Juncker made an odd and revealing remark. Addressing the European Parliament on the topic of Brexit, he declared: “The choice of the British people, however respectable it may be, does not fit into the march of history, not European history and not global history.”

Zac Goldsmith prepares to crawl back to the Tories in Richmond

Of all the politicians to have a bad 2016, Zac Goldsmith is high on that list. The former Conservative MP for Richmond Park managed to lose not one but two elections. First, the mayoral contest against Sadiq Khan after a tawdry campaign, and later his seat when he called a by-election after the Government approved Heathrow.


There is only one leader who can slay the dragon of division in Brexit Britain.

That is why we must all unite behind Mrs May

Stop Jeremy Corbyn and ‘coalition of chaos’ from entering No10 ahead of next month’s General Election

Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would put our growing economy at risk

Tories on course to win 12 seats in Scotland following surge in support – poll

The Conservatives are set for a major breakthrough in Scotland at the general election following a surge in support north of the Border, according to a new poll.


What can Theresa May say to the Tory Remainers?

The PM will have to decide how to court key voters – and she can’t just threaten them with Corbyn

The fight to succeed Jeremy Corbyn has already begun – and the Blairites could be defeated again

For those around the Labour leader, the priority is to ensure that he stays on after defeat, or that he is replaced by a fellow member of the faction


The Tories don’t need silly pledges to scare off Labour in this election

We are coming to the end of the first week of an election campaign that few were expecting when this week began. The parties are drawing their battle lines: the Tories are warning of a happy Vladimir Putin and a ‘coalition of chaos’ involving the SNP, Labour and the Lib Dems, while Labour is making this an anti-establishment election (though what precisely the Establishment is up to and which naughty coffee chains it involves remains vague, even for the party’s MPs promoting that message on the airwaves).


Theresa May must now make clear her immigration plan for Brexit Britain

For those of us who hoped that Brexit would trigger a democratic rebirth in Britain, these are exhilarating times. Less than a year ago, the establishment was told in no uncertain terms what we, the voters, thought of it; the festering cultural and ideological gulf between the public and governing classes was exposed for all to see.

How May can be as bold as Thatcher or Attlee

The prime minister has the opportunity to change the political landscape. Here are five policies that would help to achieve this

Voter turnout is likely to be so low this general election that May’s result will barely be democratic

The Lib Dems have just nine MPs, Labour is in crisis and Ukip is struggling to find a post-Brexit identity – a large proportion of British voters feel disenfranchised; they may never vote for May’s Conservatives, but they can’t easily find another home. They will likely abstain


Theresa May is taking a huge gamble by calling an election – failure would be calamitous

You’ve got to hand it to Theresa May: she certainly knows how to spring a surprise, not just on the country but even on her own Cabinet.

Theresa May and the cabinet did not discuss the potential instability caused by snap general election

Tory sources said that support for the ‘brave’ decision was unanimous

The only winner from Tony Blair’s anti-Brexit stance is Theresa May

Tony Blair is still a member of the Labour Party. Presumably he wishes, for the time being, to retain that status.



All the latest news and reaction to the Prime Minister’s announcement.

June 8th General Election

The pound has risen against both the dollar and the Euro on news that Mrs May is seeking a new mandate to implement Brexit. The cost of government borrowing has also fallen, with bond prices rising.

May has given Britain the election it desperately needed

Theresa May now has the chance to secure a mandate for her break with the Cameron government. The sooner the hard Left can be rejected at the ballot box, the better

Russian state media says Donald Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong-un

‘The world is a hair’s breadth from nuclear war,’ says pro-Kremlin news presenter

Now required. A radical manifesto to prepare Britain for Brexit. Here’s a seven point plan.

Fairness for younger people. A shift to technical education. More homes. Tax help for families. Cut the Lords in half. A voluntary cap on party donations.

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