Week of Apr 26 – May 2

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


At the elections this week, voters will tell politicians exactly what they think of them

Among many of us in the House of Lords who habitually eat, drink and talk together, regardless of party affiliation, there has been a growing sense of gloom and pessimism at the state of government and politics for some time. Recently, that mood has darkened.


Corbyn doesn’t fear a coup – he’s planning his own

Does the Labour party really matter anymore? It is a poor Opposition. Most of its MPs hold its leader in contempt. Nobody expects it, in its present incarnation, to form a government. Now, it is stained by a nasty scandal about anti-Semitism – one whose deep offensiveness it took Mr Corbyn an embarrassingly long time to appreciate – that would cripple a party the public took seriously. On the big issue of the moment – the referendum – it is scarcely participating in what is being presented as mainly a Tory civil war.

The climate change brigade, press freedoms – and clockwork bluebells

There recently arrived on the desk of the editor of The Times an extraordinary three-page letter, signed by 13 members of the House of Lords. They informed him in no uncertain terms that, if he wished to save his paper’s reputation, he must stop printing articles which don’t accord with the official orthodoxy on climate change. Headed by Lord Krebs, its signatories read like a check-list of our “climate establishment”.


Ken Livingstone says Labour should reinstate him because everything he said about Jewish people “was true”

Ken Livingstone has said he believes the Labour should reinstate him because he first made comments about Hitler 30 years ago.

Ocean acidification: yet another wobbly pillar of climate alarmism

A paper review suggests many studies are flawed, and the effect may not be negative even if it’s real

Is Labour is tougher on Northern Irish members than anti-Semites?

It may only have suspended Ken Livingstone, but those offering Ulster voters the chance to choose a party of Government have been threatened with expulsion.


Labour MPs need to confront Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism

We make no apology for returning to the issue of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. The party has left us with no choice. Yesterday, it suspended Ken Livingstone following his extraordinary intervention in a growing, necessary debate about Left-wing attitudes towards Zionism.

Iain Dale: For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, how can anyone who is Jewish vote for it?

Plus: Obama: so that went well, then. Scotland: will it go well for Davidson? Wales – it may go well for Neil Hamilton (remember him).


Ken Livingstone suspended by Labour

Ken Livingstone has been suspended by Labour after wading in to defend Naz Shah in the anti-Semitism row. Labour officials finally stepped in following comments made by Ken on the BBC earlier today in which he declared that saying the ‘Jews are rallying’ was not an anti-Semitic remark.

What Obama bounce?

The Westminster Village gets overwrought about the politics of America and overwhelmed by the glamour of its presidency.


Liverpool, the Conservatives – and a last call for Heseltine

The challenge to a Party that holds not a single seat in Merseyside.

Inequality should matter to all of us

The danger is that we slide towards a new political contract accidentally, without addressing the blindspot of the growing separation of the elite from society that our current political consensus seems to ignore.

Wales proves that Labour is bad for your health

In less than a fortnight the Welsh public has an opportunity to call time on 17 unbroken years of Labour rule.


May sticks with Remain – but distances herself from Cameron. This speech is a challenge to his authority.

By questioning Turkey’s future EU membership and coming out for leaving the ECHR, the Home Secretary has torn up the Downing Street script.

Message to the Remain media: The referendum is not mainly about trade but about self government

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