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A new future for workplace pensions?

Last week, the Department for Work and Pensions published analysis which showed that 2012 will represent the high-water mark for traditional final salary pensions.

Bruce Anderson: The Conservative Party’s treatment of John Major marked the most shameful period in its history

Twenty years ago today, the opinion pollsters were in for a long and embarrassing night. Well before the polls opened, everyone knew the result.

Mr Cameron goes to Leveson

One of the media’s vices is to assume that the public are as interested in stories about journalism as journalists are.

Councillor Gareth Elliott: A bigger private sector would do more for poorer children

The privatisation of national assets has always been a highly politically charged topic. Harold Macmillan famously likened Margaret Thatcher’s programme to “selling off the family silver”.


We still don’t understand David Cameron, our serene but radical Prime Minister

The Conservative Party leader has forced through health, education and welfare reforms that Margaret Thatcher sidestepped.

Cracks are beginning to open along the Downing Street fault line

They vowed that it would never happen, but the prime minister and the chancellor are increasingly at odds

Local elections: what’s in store for the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems – and Boris Johnson

What do David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond hope to achieve in next month’s elections?


Britain’s economy will thrive if computing becomes child’s play

The executive chairman of Google endorses the Observer’s campaign to bring coding to the classroom

How did John Major win 14,093,007 votes?

We’re cutting welfare bills. Reforming schools. Devolving power to local councils. Lowering taxes on business. Introducing democratic oversight of policing. And, of course, embarking on the longest period of spending cuts in British history.

Thurrock Conservatives offer strong manifesto

It’s all happening in Thurrock. Already there has been the independently run poll showing overwhelming support for a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

George Osborne: ‘I knew this was a controversial Budget but I was trying to do the right thing’

Foreign newspapers said his measures were brave, the British were not so impressed, but George Osborne insists that he has no regrets .


The Boris-Ken spat illustrates why so few women make their mark in this aggressive, angry, male culture

It is now we will start to feel the pinch of last year’s Budget


Putting the liberal back into liberal conservative

With Clegg wading into the controversy over civil liberties, are we seeing a long overdue reassertion of Liberal Democrat presence in the coalition government?

Gordon Brown’s poisonous legacy lives on

His government wanted as many people as possible to be dependent on the state, argues Ruth Porter.

Community-run libraries are part of the degradation of the service

Volunteers can bring much to libraries, but the fact they are replacing paid staff shows how much de-skilling has taken place

Bringing back tough A-levels will be hard – but worth it

Do we want to know the truth about where our youngsters rank or do we prefer lies?


DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Secret justice and the liberal in Mr Clegg

In a blistering report, an all-party group of MPs and Peers endorses every word this paper has written about the Government’s chilling plans to hold ‘sensitive’ civil trials and inquests behind closed doors.

An answer to the Independent

The Independent today tells its readers that the public sector austerity is big and long lasting, without precedent in the UK.

Now get real, Ken and Boris

They deserve each other — that’s the only conclusion to draw from the bad-tempered exchanges between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone on LBC radio yesterday morning.

Parliament must protect the public’s privacy

Intelligence-led policing and not Orwellian surveillance of mobile phones, emails and websites should keep this country safe.


Boris Johnson brands Ken Livingstone a liar in furious mayoral race bust-up

Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone clashed furiously over their tax arrangements today in the first live debate ahead of next month’s London mayoral elections.

Boris and Ken go ‘nose-to-nose’ in lift barney

The incumbent Conservative mayor felt his Labour challenger went too far in LBC debate

Failure to heed advice about the needs of the ‘striving classes’ has left the PM with few friends in his own party


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