Week of Aug 16 – 22

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


An industrial strategy inspired by our Olympic success would mean picking losers as well as winners

UK Sport’s effectiveness rests on a brutality which ministers might be uncomfortable to apply to the economy.

What is the single market?

I was given several difficult jobs in government that I would not have asked for but was prepared to do. The worst job turned out to be Single Market Minister. I am sure the offer was meant nicely. I was asked to negotiate for the UK the remaining legislative items that made up the 1992 single market programme. It entailed passing 282 new laws. Some of them had little to do with trade. It always included  a “citizen dimension” of individual rights, and a “governance dimension” of legal controls.


Build, build, build with Javid

The new Communities Secretary sees the construction of more homes as his priority. It is a daunting political mission.


Labour attacks its own privatisation of the NHS

Owen Smith’s drive to the left and search for popularity has brought him to one of Labour’s oldest scare tactics – claiming the Tories have a secret plan to privatise the NHS. Labour have claimed this every time the Conservatives are in government, and every time we fight a General election. During the long periods of Conservative government since the NHS was established the party has resolutely stuck to the principle of free at the point of need, and has maintained a largely public sector NHS workforce.

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