Week of Aug 22 – Aug 28


British justice should not be about revenge – even against looters

“Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted; for well over a decade a growing group of people has not worked, not been educated properly and not integrated into society, but few people in government wanted to deal with this problem as it wasn’t a vote-winner.”

David Cameron must show us that his party is not just for the rich

Voters believe in his definition of equality, so the PM should press that advantage over Labour, writes Neil O’Brien.


A Tired Clapjerk

An interesting note to those who think Former Prime Minister Tony Blair should be tried in court over the Iraq War.

Abortion rules to be tightened in biggest shake-up for a generation

Abortion rules are set to be tightened by the Government in the biggest shake-up in a generation.


Investors asked to back ‘social impact bonds’

The Financial Times has a brief but interesting write-up on an interesting concept called “social impact bonds”.

Greg Clark: planning for the Big Society

Greg Clark is an unlikely political brawler. Thoughtful and mild-mannered, the minister for planning is one of the intellectuals behind David Cameron’s Conservative modernisation, a champion of windfarms and Polly Toynbee.


Our children deserve better than the worthless GCSE

We are betraying pupils by making them work so hard for such a boring exam.

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