Week of Aug 29 – Sept 4


Environment policy reforms to add £300 to energy bills

Household energy bills will rise by more than £300 a year as a result of the   Coalition’s green policies, a senior Downing Street adviser has told David   Cameron.

Darling’s memoir shows the danger of big-man politics

Gordon Brown’s bullying was symptomatic of a wider cultural malaise – too many yes-men and too few honest debates

Tony Blair is godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter

Tony Blair is godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch’s young children, it has   emerged in an interview with the media tycoon’s wife.

‘Free’ healthcare? That has to be the greatest oxymoron of our age

Our leaders love to repeat the mantra of ‘free choice’. In reality, it’s just a shabby trick

Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness

“Mental disorders have become Europe’s largest health challenge of the 21st
century,” the study’s authors said.


The Government must stop the insults, and listen to our concerns

The director-general of the National Trust, urges ministers to stop the   insults and start listening to the widespread concerns about the planning   reforms that are putting the countryside at risk.

New Coalition splits over schools, banks and health

Tensions within the Coalition were publicly exposed as Conservative and   Liberal Democrat ministers clashed over key policies.

A red tape nightmare has hit our village cricket club for six

The demands made on our little village cricket club in Litton, Somerset,   reflect wider problems with the way Britain is run.


BCC boss calls for the Government to ‘radically change’ the welfare system

David Frost, the departing leader of the British Chambers of Commerce, has urged the Government to “radically change” the welfare system so that it never pays not to be in work.

Cameron in Bullingdon riot row with BBC presenter

David Cameron hit out at the BBC today over the London riots, accusing the corporation of promoting Left-wing ideas.

David Cameron: Tony Blair was wrong about the riots

The prime minister sticks to his claim that last month’s riots were part of a widespread ‘moral collapse’ in society


Coalition clashes over bank reforms

A row has broken out within the Coalition over the speed with which regulation of the banking sector is carried out, Whitehall officials have suggested.

London housing crisis: solutions, please

David Hill’s blog at the UK Guardian.


Dick Cheney lavishes praise on Tony Blair in new book

Dick Cheney, the former US vice-president, has used his new memoir to heap praise on Tony Blair and insist that the torture of a key al-Qaeda terrorist helped foil a devastating attack in Britain.


Free schools: now the really hard work begins

Twenty four free schools are about to open their doors for the first time.

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