Week of Aug 4 – 10

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


If Labour wants to win again in 2020 it needs to unite and distance itself from the past

Tony Blair didn’t go around in the mid-1990s pointing out that Harold Wilson had won four elections

Tax credits betray the hard-working majority. Scrapping them only harms the workshy

If we really care about the plight of “hard-working families”, might it not be a good idea if we work out who these families actually are before we offer billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to them?

Lord Scruton. Lady Lea. Lord Johnson. The Conservative peers we need.

Downing Street’s new list of peers should recognise contributions not just to the Conservative Party but to the centre-right cause.


The Blairites should leave Corbyn – and join the Tories

No, they aren’t Conservatives. And Cameron and co aren’t social democrats. But our Party now offers Mandelson & Co the least unpleasant home for them.

What is the EU for, if not solving the migration crisis?

Brussels is offering no solutions to a continent-wide crisis, while gangsters grow rich on the illegal traffic in people

‘A Martian stranded on Earth’: more of the Paul Mason interview

Our chief political commentator went head to head with the author of Postcapitalism last Sunday: here is more of their conversation

Thank Goodness, the Republicans will squash Obama’s climate lunacy

Ask not how the US President’s Clean Energy Plan will keep the lights on…especially if you work at the BBC

Dr Dre may be donating his royalties to charity, but let’s not forget his record in violence against women

As a victim of domestic violence myself, I find it difficult to believe how easy it is for society to forget these sorts of crimes and then celebrate the men who carried them out


For speaking frankly about the NHS, I was first silenced and then pushed out

My hospital, the Royal Marsden, chose to cave in to angry GPs – and leave patients in my final study feeling abandoned

Boris tries to solve an argument with himself

The Mayor seeks a middle way between his two differing views on inequality. But how long will he stick with his solution?

David Cameron defends giving £3 million to Kids Company

Kids Company staff and service users have been protesting outside Downing Street today after the charity announced it was closing its doors. But the Prime Minister isn’t there: he’s on holiday. He did, however, give this clip to broadcasters in which he defended his ministers’ decision to overrule officials’ concerns and give the struggling charity a further £3 million


The hard left are ridiculous – but we mustn’t forget they are also dangerous

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t think defending the nation is ‘socially useful’. Just as with CND in the Cold War, our enemies will be cheering him on.

The Planned Parenthood sting reveals the ugly truth about America’s abortion business

This major abortion provider is unethical and probably breaking the law. Yet it enjoys the loving protection of the Democratic Party and the White House

The case for self government for the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn would renationalise the energy companies. Smart move?

We asked a selection of experts to respond

The month of Osborne continues: he tops our latest Cabinet league table

It’s been a less successful month for Boris, who achieves his lowest-ever rating.


Osborne should reward public sector workers with a cash bounty for finding savings

The Chancellor’s appeal to the public sector to contribute ideas for the Spending Review is a good one – but let’s beef it up a bit.

Barack Obama’s green plans could cripple America’s economy

The economic costs of the President’s ill-conceived climate change drive will dwarf any benefits

The discreet charm of the Labour bourgeoisie

In the early 1960s a satirical combo called the Chad Mitchell Trio sang of the anti-communist paranoia of the John Birch Society (a forerunner of today’s Tea Party, as those among you who study the history of demagogic delusion will know).

The only way to stop the Corbyn juggernaut is for Liz Kendall to pull out

Not only that, but Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper need to get real about the threat they face – and unite against the hard Left

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