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Warsi gets one thing right – and everything else wrong

The Conservative Party has a serious problem among ethnic minority voters – but the Baroness doesn’t have the right solutions.

Seat-shopping with Boris Johnson

He wants to stand for Parliament in 2015. Fine. Where?


Iraq. We’ve been in the frying pan once. We mustn’t get back into the fire.

There are means of intervening there, but they are very limited indeed.


You can rely on Boris Johnson to put on a show

The key to the Mayor of London’s appeal is that he excites people who aren’t interested in politics

Boris Johnson lays down the gauntlet to David Cameron

Much has been made of the news that Boris Johnson intends to return to parliament at next year’s general election. The announcement, made in the Q&A session after his speech about London, Britain and the European Union, has got Westminster all hot and bothered. But another of Boris’s answers in that session also deserves to be highlighted.

Boris Johnson will stand for Parliament – and Ukip ‘exits right, pursued by a Boris’

Yahoo! Whizzer! Chips galore! Boris is going to run for Parliament in 2015! He announced it in a classically Boris way today: gallons of charm, self-effacing, a cheeky grin, a “golly-I-know-I-said-I-probably-wouldn’t-but…” and then – wahey! – the promise that he probably would! You could find Boris standing over a dead body with a smoking gun and he’d still be able to convince us that it was “nothing to do with me, old chap.” And so, with his return to national politics, after years spent in the wilderness of national TV, Boris brings hope for good humour and red-meat Tory policies.

The 2015 election was an opportunity the London Mayor was bound to take

Boris: “I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015″

Here are three points about the Mayor of London’s revelation, which he went about about in the most Boris-like way possible.


Labour is out-campaigning us on the Middle East. Here’s how to fight back.

During the coming months, get William Hague out and about. Use Sajid Javid and other Muslim Tories more. Push pro-Palestinian Conservatives in key seats.

The Warsi problem is of Cameron’s own making

I would be amazed if she didn’t ask herself, long before her promotion to Party Chairman: “Am I only here as the token Muslim woman?”

Revealed: Boris Johnson’s plan to land at No.10

So Boris has made his great leap. The blond king over the water has revealed his plans to cross the river, return to Parliament and assume what he believes is his rightful destiny — to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


Poll data: David Cameron’s prospects for victory in 2015 can’t be guaranteed

Conservatives are beginning to worry that they are failing to benefit from Britain’s economic recovery

It’s make-your-mind-up-time for Boris

He recognises that an announcement about his Commons intentions should be made by the time of Party Conference.

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