Week of Dec 1 – 7

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Life inside Jeremy Corbyn’s crazy party

Labour is all at sea. Chaos and panic reign. Will its leader be able to take the strain?


Jeremy Corbyn’s clueless admirers have not the faintest idea about his hard-Left beliefs

A frightening number of people are supporting the Labour leader without knowing what they are endorsing or why


Bullying should never be tolerated in politics, but we must protect the right to loudly disagree

Whatever you think about the decision to launch air strikes over Syria, deselection of your MP is a legitimate democratic, non-violent process

Corbyn’s ‘new politics’ means the self-righteous left wallows in its cruelty

Their virtuous hatred is reserved for their own side, and its ugliness will destroy the myth of leftwing decency

Junior doctors like me have been left in limbo while Jeremy Hunt plays politics with the NHS

The battle isn’t over when doctors still don’t have contract to sign. The health secretary is still putting lives at risk


Awful though it seems, working with Assad may be the only option in Syria

Having won the day on air strikes, Mr Cameron may have to compromise on his desire for regime change

Don’t write off the future of oil and gas just yet

The speed of change to greener alternatives is extraordinary, but we will still need the black stuff

Scottish people did not vote for bombing in Syria. This is not our war to fight

Without a new approach to international affairs, a second independence referendum is inevitable

Just giving isn’t enough for the new philanthropists

An African infant saved from a malaria-induced death will not ask if the anti-mosquito nets come from 1 per cent of a banker’s salary


Corbyn shows he is not bright enough to lead Labour

Cameron offered a convincingly modest justification for bombing ISIS in Syria: to do so is not perfect, but is better than sitting things out.

Now protect Syrians from Assad

We must not send the message that if you kill 240,000 in Syria, you get away with it, but if you kill 140 in France then you’re in trouble.


Instead of ‘stopping the rush to war’, Jeremy Corbyn has cleared the path for it

Finally, there is hope for the Party’s moderates, who have seen that the Corbynite insurgency can and will be directly challenged

Corbyn has done enough damage to Labour. It’s time for him to step down

Jeremy Corbyn is a rarity among politicians. All his enemies are on his own side. For the Tories, Ukip and the SNP, Corbyn is a dream made real. They could not love him more. As the riotous scenes at the shadow cabinet and parliamentary Labour party meetings this week showed, his colleagues see Corbyn and John McDonnell as modern Leninists who are mobilising their cadres to purge all dissidents from the party.

A split or a unifying leader are the only ways to end Labour’s civil war

A Labour MP could grow into a Wilson-like figure and seek to be a unifying leader…Only political titans willing to age quickly need apply for that task

Nats guilty of ‘grotesque hypocrisy’ over Labour shambles on air strikes

A free vote on anything is alien concept to the regimented ranks of the SNP

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