Week of Dec 15 – 21

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The remote, chaotic EU is now fuelling voters’ distrust of the establishment

Did David Cameron really think he was going to get his migrants benefits opt-out past the implacable big-wigs of Brussels?


May proposes further steps to make the police more accountable

The Home Office opens a consultation on reforms to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


Farewell to Britain’s last coal mine

Coal mining has been a defining part of Britain’s past but we have a proud history of leading progress


Britain would be perfectly safe outside the EU

Europhile scaremongers claim Brexit will harm our security, but Brussels has now become a hindrance


Jeremy Corbyn has become the Left’s Enoch Powell

There is no point pretending that Corbyn’s views are no longer the views of the broader Labour Party

Boris’s Brexit bonus

Remember: he commissioned and supported a major report supporting a renegotiation bigger than Cameron’s – or else leaving.

How can we have a more balanced debate about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour?

The media attacks on the Labour leader since his landslide victory have made it almost impossible for sympathetic commentators to air a constructive critique

Labour’s crisis is not about Corbyn – it’s existential

Relatively moderate members of the Opposition know that they disagree with the Hard Left, but they have no idea what to do in response.

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