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French minister aims to calm UK row

One of the most senior members of Nicolas Sarkozy’s government has moved to calm tensions between the UK and France, following the war of words sparked by David Cameron’s use of Britain’s veto to block an EU treaty.

Press regulation: the winds of change

The great majority of newspaper editors and managements can see the need for urgent change

Adoption system overhaul planned

The Government has announced plans to overhaul the assessment process for people looking to adopt amid concerns that the current system is too slow and not fit for purpose.


Credit card fees to be banned

Airlines, travel companies and retailers are to be banned from charging fees when people pay by credit or debit cards, ministers will announce today.

Farewell, Sir Gus O’Donnell, but you got it wrong on government

The retiring cabinet secretary, Gus O’Donnell, believed the private sector had more to teach the public sector than the other way round

The Government can’t fix the education system without our help

We should learn from the National Society how to help the most disadvantaged children, writes James Townsend.

Keeping the squeeze on

The private sector makes money; the public sector spends it. For the country to prosper, we need more people doing the former, and fewer doing the latter.

Privatising Margaret Thatcher’s funeral would be a fitting tribute to her legacy

The Iron Lady herself would surely agree that poor taxpayers should not be further burdened in these times of austerity


Cameron and co are deluded – it’s cold on Europe’s margins

I fear my nightmare about England’s direction may come true. In 10 years we’ll beg the French (and Scots) to let us back in

Ed Miliband is just not radical enough

Contrary to David Cameron’s accusation of being too ‘leftwing’, the Labour leader’s vision is being obscured by opportunism


The party leader who dares will win the battle over politics of the soul

Ed Miliband defined a ‘good society’ but David Cameron has taken the higher moral ground.

Atheists are at odds with our nation’s history

The King James Bible has many admirers including the late Christopher Hitchens. He praised its “common stock of references and allusions rivalled only by Shakespeare”. He used as an example a British officer at Dunkirk, faced with annihilation or surrender, who cabled home three words: “But if not…”


Vivid new Battle of the Bulge photos offer never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers braving the frigid weather as they fight off Nazi Germany’s last major offensive of World War II

Breathtaking new photographs, including several vivid full-color images, offer a never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge who fought through the frozen Ardennes Forest in a mountainous region of Belgium in the dead of winter.

EU crisis: The Frogs do love us – they’re just hopping mad with Germany

Our entente with the French is still cordiale, but they badly need someone to shout at, writes Boris Johnson.

Ed Miliband is a decent leader. But he needs help. All leaders do

Ed Miliband is swimming against a strong anti-Labour media tide. But if he can win the battle of ideas, many of his troubles will blow away

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