Week of Dec 8 – 14

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Prime Minister Corbyn and President Trump? Only the voters can stop them

We should never take our seemingly stable societies for granted. Democracies have made terrible mistakes before now

Cameron the great illusionist is heading for another win on Europe

The Brexit campaign has no one of greater standing than Owen Paterson and Nigel Lawson on its books, and no newspaper backing apart from the Daily Express

Grand promises of Paris climate deal undermined by squalid retrenchments

Until governments undertake to keep fossil fuels in the ground, they will continue to undermine agreement they have just made

Will the EU referendum take place within the next six months?

Here’s a case for and a case against.


Angela Merkel is doing more damage to the future of the West than Donald Trump

The founders of the European Union wanted it to give Christendom modern democratic form, but this is now nearly invisible

Welcome signs that the Government is abandoning its attack on Freedom of Information

Conservatives believe that the state should be the servant not the master of the people.

The Daily Mail’s support for Brexit is a major victory for the Leave campaign

The weakness of the Government’s EU renegotiation demands is a boon to the Leave campaign.


David Cameron is in danger of succumbing to a fantasy: that Britain can save the EU

Time is running out for the Prime Minister to make the eurocrats see sense before their bone-headed blindness decides his referendum for him


India can’t go it alone on climate change

While India is keen to do her fair share to reduce climate change, she must first meet her people’s basic needs

Ancient and modern . . . on Jeremy Corbyn’s puppet statecraft

What are MPs for when the 250,000 who voted for the left-winger as their leader now dictate Labour party policy?

Freedom’s Trump card

When it comes to bans and bars from Britain, circumstances count. But there should always be a presumption in favour of freedom.


Silent strongman Sergey Shoigu is the real force behind Russia’s military aggression

The mysterious defence minister is now favourite to succeed Vladimir Putin as president

While some in Labour fear entryism and the spectre of Militant, within Momentum itself there are tensions and contradictions that may yet explode

The constitution is too precious to mess with for short-term political gain

It is unwise to celebrate the designation of the Lords’ proposal to lower the voting age as protected by financial privilege.


Oldham marked the beginning of the end for Jeremy Corbyn

A night of the long knives would damage Corbyn far more than the knifed

Labour moderates launch fightback against deselection threats

After Corbynite group Momentum allowed leaflets from other parties campaigning for the deselection of Labour MPs to be distributed at one of its events last week, those opposed to the new organisation are starting to hit back. Labour First, which represents the Old Right of the Labour party, is encouraging constituency Labour parties to vote on a motion calling for ‘tolerance and solidarity in the Labour Party’.

Corbyn’s ‘socialist internationalism’ destroys wealth and freedom

Telegraph View: By backing Chavismo in Venezuela and consorting with Stop the War, the Labour leader shows his true colours

David Cameron’s cabinet saboteurs are pushing him to Brexit

If the PM’s negotiations with Europe are backfiring, it’s because his own ministers are undermining them

The green blob: who will protect the victims of environmentalism?

In trying to protect ‘our grandchildren’ from climate change, politicians are hurting the poor. They shouldn’t

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