Week of Dec 12 – Dec 18

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Revealed: how City fees are eating into our pensions

Traders’ hidden charges leaving pensioners and savers worse off, Treasury warned

Tax row leaves David Cameron and Nick Clegg at war over married couples

The Coalition truce between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats broke into open conflict yesterday over David Cameron’s promise to give tax breaks to married couples.

Tories open up poll lead on Labour

David Cameron’s hardline stance over the eurozone treaty appeared to have secured a significant boost in public opinion as the Tories opened up a six-point poll lead over Labour.


Taxpayers pay £5 million for union ‘placemen’

Taxpayers are footing an annual wage bill of at least £5 million for full-time trade union officials placed inside the civil service – 65 per cent more than previously thought.

For all its flaws, religion remains a force for good

I’d rather have a reminder of what I should be striving for than hear no message at all


David Cameron: “We are a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so”

Earlier today, David Cameron gave a keynote speech to Church of England members at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

The harsh reality is that the EU has already failed

Only the fear of disorderly and unpredictable collapse is keeping alive the vestiges of its grand ambitions

The day I was Margaret Thatcher’s fashion victim

Meryl Streep’s portrayal in The Iron Lady made me weep – but the real Lady Thatcher once made me wince.


UK officials ‘to observe negotiations’ over EU deal

The UK has been asked to play a role in negotiations over an EU-wide fiscal pact despite refusing to sign up to the proposed agreement.

French leaders declare a war of words on Britain

French leaders have launched outspoken public attacks on Britain, calling for the UK to lose its AAA credit rating and comparing its economy with that of Greece.


Europe: Voters liked the veto – now they want more

Rising Euroscepticism gives Prime Minister David Cameron permission to negotiate a new and better deal for Britain.

Christmas is coming and so are we, police warn London rioters

Scotland Yard today issued its biggest appeal to catch those involved in the summer riots and said the number arrested over the disorder could top 5,000.

UK unemployment hits 17-year high

• Youth unemployment stays above 1 million
• Public sector loses 67,000 jobs in three months
• Private sector adds 5,000 over same period
• But claimant count rise is less than feared


UK living standards second highest in Europe in 2010, EU says

The standard of living in the UK was second only to Luxembourg in the European Union last year because of Government spending, official data from the EU has shown.

Cameron was right and single currency must be broken up, says Lord Lawson

Europe will return to growth and prosperity much more quickly if the single currency is broken up, former chancellor Lord Lawson says today.


David Cameron: EU treaty safeguards were ‘modest, reasonable and relevant’ (Video)

The Prime Minister insists he was “simply looking for a level playing field” for the UK after refusing to back a new European Union treaty.

EU veto: fresh coalition tensions over European institutions

Nick Clegg says it would be ludicrous to create new institutions, but No 10 says it may try to block eurozone countries from using existing bodies

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