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EU treaty: David Cameron has done ‘bad deal’ on Europe, Nick Clegg says

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, has warned that David Cameron’s decision to opt out of Europe is “bad for Britain”, revealing a deep split in the Coalition.

Paddy Ashdown: we have tipped 38 years of foreign policy down the drain

David Cameron has isolated us in Europe and diminished us in Washington’s eyes

David Cameron Should Decommission The Channel Tunnel

British Prime Minister David Cameron should decommission the Channel Tunnel in the dual interests of combating Mass Illegal Immigration and National Security.The Channel Tunnel has facilitated the arrival of Millions of Illegal Immigrants into Great Britain since its ill conceived conception


EU treaty: George Osborne insists treaty veto has not left Britain on the fringes

Chancellor George Osborne has defended David Cameron’s decision to veto a new European Union treaty and insisted that it has not diminished Britain’s influence in Europe.

Science funding tends to favour mediocrity over grand ideas

It’s a good job Einstein didn’t need a grant


The exams system needs turning on its head

British schools need to select the most respected qualifications, not the ones that are easiest to obtain, writes Dale Bassett.

David Cameron faces cabinet split over Europe

Prime minister must steer course between Eurosceptic ministers and Vince Cable’s opposition

10 reasons why Cameron will gain politically from vetoing an EU deal

David Cameron by vetoing the a prospective EU treaty last night has taken one step closer to winning the General Election of 2015 for lots of reasons.

EU 2.0 or exit?

Mixed opinions today. Most right-thinking people believe that Cameron did the right thing to reject the Merkozy proposal.


We Tories must conserve our compassion

The Conservative approach to poverty is the only game in town, with Labour leaving nothing to spend on the state

Exam boards: how examiners tip off teachers to help students pass

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has ordered an official inquiry into the exam system after an investigation exposed examiners giving teachers secret advice on how to improve their GCSE and A-level results.

Ed Balls is right on the economy – but the public aren’t ready for Keynes

As recession bites, the shadow chancellor’s economic approach will gain admirers. Political reward will surely follow


School turns heating off to ‘save planet’

Fury as kids shiver on coldest day

Parking the problem: Just what is a Conservative approach to urban congestion?

A few years ago, one of those ubiquitous (and rather pointless) surveys asked the public to name the ten most hated jobs in the country. Surprisingly, politicians only came ninth.

Stephan Shakespeare: The Ed Miliband question

Although Ed Miliband has had some successes (for example, I wrote here about his prize-winning phrase ‘the squeezed middle’), and he is undoubtedly a serious-minded and committed politician, it’s not unfair to say that he has failed to convince the electorate that he is a potential Prime Minister.


Rioting is the choice of young people with nothing to lose

Reading the Riots leaves us with a big question: do we have the energy to give these people the stake they do not have

We face years of riots on streets, warns ex-Met chief

Britain faces the threat of years of disorder on the streets fuelled by the economic crisis, a former Met chief warned today.

Council tenants in ‘digital apartheid’

Housing minister Grant Shapps has pledged to end the ‘digital apartheid’ that prevents social housing tenants from using the internet.


4m children in UK do not own a single book, study finds

Almost 4 million UK children do not own a book, research suggests.

Energy companies have lent more than 50 staff to government departments

Oil and nuclear industries’ presence throughout Whitehall exposed by Green MP, who warns of undue influence on policy

David Cameron: Europe must become more competitive (Video)

The Prime Minister insists any treaty changes in Europe will not come at the expense of Britain’s national interest and called for more competitiveness across the Eurozone.

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