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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


How Cameron is striving to by-pass the national papers

A story from the Birmingham Post illustrates what he’s up to.

If there is global warming, this is what it could look like in Britain

The possibility that global warming might have something to do with the extraordinary weather is now rapidly floating up the agenda


What is Alex Salmond’s plan for the currency now?

Alex Salmond is now a man without a plan. He is offering Scots a future of uncertainty and instability. Threats of a debt default leaving Scotland and Scots with a bad credit rating. No idea which currency we would be transitioning to.


Never again can money be no object

There must be no return to Brownite splurges – we must have the discipline to take care of people’s hard-earned taxes.


Nigel Farage should worry every time a Tory predicts Ukip will come first in May

How are the UK Independence Party managing expectations? Today’s ICM poll in the Guardian prompts in public the question the Tories have been asking in private for some weeks. Conservative MPs, largely through panic, have been predicting that Ukip will walk the European elections and come first.

Beware of “experts” claiming to have no ideological baggage

Scientists have prejudices too

Want a scary view of where the economy is heading? Well here it is

Danny Gabay’s Fathom Consulting is rarely anything other than controversial in its views about the UK economy, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in it’s latest musings.


There are two men who could help Mr Cameron save Britain

Recently, a thoughtful reader sent me a receipt. It was issued to her father a hundred years ago this month. It’s for a worsted suit and some trousers, made for him by his tailor in Glasgow. The paper is yellowed and a bit faded, but the penny red stamp is bright and the copperplate “with thanks” above the confident signature is clear.

Breaking up the Environment Agency just became politically desirable

Now a flooding blame game is underway, what is the best way to quench public anger, unite ministers and demonstrate Government activity?

The great pensions robbery hasn’t finished yet

Labour is planning another raid on our savings, and the other parties are little better

Alex Salmond is within striking distance of victory. Why hasn’t England noticed?

We could be seven months away from the end of Britain. It’s time to worry

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