Week of Feb 16 – 22

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Nadhim Zahawi MP: Why I have decided to vote for Britain to leave the EU

I believe that a change in our relationship with Europe could provide a fantastic opportunity to achieve this greater Britain we all want to see.

There’s so much in-fighting in the Brexit camp. Here’s the breakdown of where everybody really stands

It would be hard not to laugh if the consequences were not so serious

Consider her courage

Boris has taken a gamble. So have the six Ministers who came for Brexit on Saturday. But of all of that group, Patel has the most to lose.


Take back control – the summary of the case for Brexit.

Outside the EU the UK will be able to draw up free trade agreements with the rest of the world. Our trade with the EU is not at risk, as they sell us more than we sell them and they do not want to impose new tariffs or barriers.


EU referendum: Brace yourself for an establishment stitch-up

The Cabinet is largely backing Cameron despite years of Tory Euroscepticism. Corbyn has forgotten the democratic bit of democratic socialism. This will have to be a grassroots, anti-establishment campaign for Britain

Putin’s winning in Syria – but making a powerful new enemy

This time he’s taking on Turkey’s President Erdogan, a ruler as ruthless as he is


If Boris backs Leave and becomes leader, it will stink

Plus: Montgomerie’s legacy. This referendum is a pathetic attempt to hoodwink the British people. Two LibDems in a room at the same time. And: I meet Alex James, not Alex James.

The EU’s rigged trade means a bigger import bill for the UK

Amidst all the talk about our trade with the EU – which is not at risk on exit – the Stay in side always ignores the most important fact. The UK imports far more than it exports to the rest of the EU.


If the UK were not already a member of the European Union, would we vote to join it?

In the 1970s, European integration looked like a modern project. Now it looks tired, outdated and wrongheaded.


Is the Labour Party’s problem with racism beyond repair?

The anti-Semitism row in Oxford is not an aberration – it is just what the modern Labour Party looks like


Would you trust a Eurocrat’s promise?

Downing Street has conceded that – as we warned – the European Parliament can tear up the renegotiation after the referendum.

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