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Clegg admits that the quango he and the Lib Dems boasted of saving made the floods worse than they needed to be

At Lib Dem conference last autumn, the Liberal Democrats couldn’t tell you often enough how they had saved the quango Natural England from the Tory axe. Both Nick Clegg and Ed Davey made a big deal out of it in their conference speeches, portraying the Tory desire to abolish it as evidence of their coalition partner’s anti-green agenda.

Should aid money be spent on Britain’s flood victims? Which politicians have responded well to the crisis?

These questions, and more, feature in our March survey. You can take the survey by following the link in this post.

Tory call to rebrand National Insurance is politically smart

The government’s legislative programme is pretty light at present. But the Bill that is going to spark the most interest this week is destined to go nowhere at all. It’s a Ten Minute Rule Bill, introduced by Tory MP Ben Gummer this Tuesday, and calls for National Insurance to be renamed the ‘Earnings Tax’.


Cameron v Miliband: the three TV debates we need

Voters deserve the chance to see the two potential Prime Ministers go head to head. (If they don’t want to, they can always plump for the off switch.)


Clegg has challenged Farage. Now Hague should challenge Clegg.

If the Deputy Prime Minister really wants a debate on Europe, let the Foreign Secretary give him one. Furthermore, both men could clear up a few mysteries…


We have failed to prevent global warming, so we must adapt to it

We’ve spent 25 years trying to prevent global warming, and have barely scratched the surface

Employment statistics bring good news on almost every front

There are 400,000 more people in work today than there were a year ago – and inroads are being made into long-term and youth unemployment.


Benefits Street ends, debate continues

Labour are running out of excuses for their failure of trapping people on welfare.

What are we doing to win the 2030 General Election?

We suffer today from the short-termist decisions of Tories decades ago. How will we leave a better political inheritance?

Taxpayers fund farmers to wreck their landscape and flood their homes

Go to Google Maps and type in Lechlade – the Cotswold town at the start of the navigable Thames. Instead of looking at it on the map, click the ‘satellite’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen for an aerial photograph, and follow the river west towards its source near Kemble in Gloucestershire or east towards Oxford. You may notice something that is so commonplace in British river systems most people ignore it: the woods, marshes and wetlands are all but gone.

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