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David Cameron protests too much when he suggests that the departure of his adviser Steve Hilton will change nothing

David Cameron: “I didn’t come into politics to play it safe”

Just a glitch, I am sure, because the Conservative Party has the money and the staff, but it has allowed its website to fall into disuse. Thus the Prime Minister’s speech to the party’s spring conference yesterday has not been put up there.

Cameron needs to focus on implementation and growth

There is a near consensus in the Sunday newspapers that Steve Hilton’s departure is a big moment in the life of the Coalition.


Michael Gove scraps homework rules

Schools have been given the go-ahead to reduce the amount of homework they set for pupils after complaints from parents that studies are cutting in to family time.

It is not too late for a Tory tax revolution

The ‘unfunded’ tax cut of today is the economic stimulus of tomorrow.

Will Osborne be tempted to raid our pension pots?

One City story that slipped through the cracks this week was a modern-day take on Robin Hood that is prospering in Broken Britain.

Self-publishing makes us think we can write

DO WE still need publishers? Not a day goes by without an unknown author bringing out a self-published book. Even established authors are getting in on the act.


Let’s just admit it – the NHS is a rotten way of doing things

One day a politician will be brave enough to transform a health service riven by fear.

Saturday Diary: Did David Cameron Get the Trots?

Shelagh Fogarty on David Cameron’s horseriding, and an obscene attempt to end a life.

Sugar addiction is making our children – and Big Food – fat

Smoking and alcohol dangers are known and regulated for. So why are the risks posed by junk food not taken seriously?


The Budget: the 50p tax rate is a bomb that a brave Chancellor would defuse

A radical Budget from George Osborne will prevent an exodus of wealth from the UK.

Tax credit cut will hit hardest those the Tories love to praise – working families

The government is hurting those trying to stay off the dole, while filling workplaces with free staff. Voters should be shocked

How Cameron is staying strong on Plan A

The prime minister doesn’t look far for his economic advice but, as the Budget looms, he remains committed to his chancellor’s economic strategy


Listen, darling, you just can’t legislate for compassion

Matrons and sisters once managed to run kind, orderly hospital wards using their instincts.

Town halls must hold down council tax

Hammersmith and Fulham’s success in cutting its council tax by 3.75 per cent should be an example to other boroughs. Its Band D tax will fall by more than £30 next financial year. Most London councils are indeed managing to freeze the tax.

Andrew Breitbart: a man who lived for the fight

There was no political issue we agreed on, but America’s public square is immeasurably poorer for his loss

Will Osborne be tempted to raid our pension pots?

ONE City story that slipped through the cracks this week was a modern-day take on Robin Hood that is prospering in Broken Britain. Instead of stealing from the rich, Provident Financial, the kind of money lender that big fish such as Barclays and HSBC look down their noses at, borrows from them at a generous 4.5 per cent interest rate.


50p tax rate is damaging economy and delaying recovery from recession, warn 500 business leaders

The 50p higher rate of income tax is “damaging the economy” and delaying the recovery from recession, more than 500 entrepreneurs and business owners warn today.

On capitalism we lefties are clueless – it’s not just a rightwing caricature

Emma Harrison and her ilk are free to reap the benefits of our shame at being smart with money and investment

PMQs: Cameron’s leap year proposal

The prime minister used the leap year to put a proposal to Ed Miliband – but there was no getting down on one knee over NHS reforms

Why the public don’t like tax avoidance

IN the beauty contest of an election, the tax affairs of people aspiring to public office inevitably come under closer scrutiny than those of others. This has now happened with Ken Livingstone, who, as we report today, used a private company to process payments for media work while he was mayor.


Nick Clegg’s NHS letter is a hit with Lib Dems

Persuading Shirley Williams onboard proves a popular move for the Lib Dem leader

Nick Clegg is clinging to the Coalition, but is his party starting to let go?

Unless the Lib Dem leader proves he is still their champion, the rank and file could deliver a fatal blow.

NHS bill: goodbye comprehensive healthcare, hello private insurance

Services are already being pulled in an unannounced, piecemeal way. If the bill passes, the health secretary won’t be accountable


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