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Boris should stop flirting and state his intentions

The longer he delays stating his plans to return to the Commons, the more risk the eventual announcement will destabilise the General Election campaign.

Gove sticks it to the Telegraph

Downing Street comms supremo Craig Oliver texted ‘could this be the start of a beautiful new relationship?’ to a Telegraph executive when Tony Gallagher departed as editor of the once staunchly Tory broadsheet. It seems that Michael Gove did not get the memo, though.

UK floods: Welcome to rural Britain

The drowning out of farmers’ concerns in Westminster by environmental and wildlife groups has led to disaster


He is absolutely right in his analysis that prohibition has failed and addiction must be treated as a health issue

If every child had an idea of the way debt functions we might avert another worldwide economic crisis

More self-employed report that they do not have adequate work and want more hours


To bolster the Union of 1707, Cameron channels the spirit of 2012

The Prime Minister gambles on memories of the Olympics gaining him a hearing.

The Lib Dems are revolting, so why not just let them go?

Nick Clegg’s new hostility to the Tories suggests that the Coalition has come to its natural conclusion

When will ministers get it? It’s not how much you spend, it’s what you do with it that counts

It’s insulting to those whose homes are flooded, and harmful to austerity, to equate “expensive” with “good” in public services.


Nationalism doesn’t threaten peace, nor does the EU preserve it

Eurosceptics, says the German Foreign Minister, are a threat to peace in Europe. Frank-Walter Steinmeier keeps telling anyone who’ll listen that, without political integration, Europe will revert to the revanchist jostling of the pre-1914 era.

George Osborne, man of limitations

The Chancellor used to talk up his actions. Now, he’s just as likely to point at their bounds. Why is that?

Alex Salmond’s losing. There’s no need for David Cameron to panic

No room for complacency, as the Prime Minister has just said in his speech on the Scottish referendum. There is a long way to go; the nights are fair drawing in (actually it’s February and the days are getting longer); it’s a game of two halves; and so on. Yes, of course there are seven months left and all manner of developments could go in Alex Salmond’s favour between now and the great day in September.


We know what the Liberal Democrats are against in government, but what are they for?

Danny Alexander would rather have his cold, blood-spattered, lifeless body hauled off to the morgue than see a cut in the top rate of tax

Osborne’s record-breaking rise in our Cabinet league table

The Chancellor’s satisfaction rating is 80 per cent. Less than a year ago, it was 17. But why don’t the same respondents see him as a future leader?


Tory members rally behind Cameron as the election approaches

A record 73 per cent of our survey respondents believe that he’s the best person to lead the party into the next election.

Lynton Crosby gives Tories ‘lovely’ roasting as MPs demand govt EU referendum bill

The Conservatives have just held a party meeting where Lynton Crosby was supposed to be reading them the riot act over their behaviour in the past few weeks. But the MPs leaving seemed to think it was ‘lovely’, ‘very positive’ and ‘all very tame’, which sounds like an unconventional roasting.


And Tory members’ choice for Britain’s next EU Commissioner is…Daniel Hannan

John Redwood is second, Andrew Mitchell third…and Nigel Farage scores a mere 5 per cent.

Ed Miliband’s union reforms: hang on – why were we wrongly briefed?

The Collins report into Ed Miliband’s union reforms has just been published, and it’s clear that there’s a significant disconnect between what has been spun over the past few days and what has actually been agreed.

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