Week of Feb 9 – 15

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Our own judges don’t do politics? Good

The death of an American Supreme Court judge shows the stark difference between our two systems

The last thing Britain needs is a US-style Supreme Court

It is the product of a system in which judges and lawsuits have deeply encroached on the proper role of politicians and elections.

Zac is the political Judi Dench – good on film, breathtaking on stage

Out on the campaign trail, the Tory mayoral candidate displays a steely determination to prove that Sadiq Khan cannot be trusted.


How Corbyn could help to deliver victory for Leave

The Labour leader’s support for Remain could well backfire.


The crucial missing part of Cameron’s EU deal

Without proper control of our laws, the rest matters much less

Cameron should adopt an equivocal tone in the EU referendum

There is no reason why he should not continue as PM to preside over Brexit.


Vladimir Putin would be boosted by Brexit, Hilary Benn claims

Labour’s shadow foreign secretary says Russian President would ‘shed no tears’ if UK voted to leave EU


PMQs sketch: Corbyn might as well go and drink cider with Rosie

The Leader of the Opposition was lazy, limp and lacklustre. Labour must be able to do better than this.

Bernard Hogan-Howe is overturning a basic principle of British justice

How did we get to the point where innocent until proven guilty is turned on its head?

Leaving the EU isn’t an ‘unknown’; it’s a return to the known

I see that Hilary Benn has been doing his bit for ‘Project Fear‘. According to Mr Benn one of the best reasons for staying in the EU is that ‘President Putin would shed no tears if Britain left the European Union.’ So what?


Osborne is performing a high-wire act, and it’s getting breezy

Clouds are gathering on the EU referendum and the global economy.


Labour can either care about defending Britain or support Jeremy Corbyn

It’s impossible to support Jeremy Corbyn without supporting his policy on Trident

The EU. Boris gives his view: Er…umm…erm…aarrgghh…

The Mayor continues to perform his fan dance on the topic – but doing so comes with risks for his leadership ambitions.

Scottish Tories aim for serious Holyrood campaign

How can Ruth Davidson become the Leader of the Opposition in Holyrood? The leader of the Scottish Conservatives made her pitch to do just that this week, and also set out her own vision for tackling inequality in a speech last night.

Do you want sovereignty back? Then vote to leave the EU

The proposed sovereignty Bill is a gigantic red herring

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