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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


May insists that GPs must deliver the service they have signed up to

Easing pressure on A&E departments is not just about more money but good management throughout the NHS.

Michael Gove was (accidentally) right about experts

Pronouncements from wonks are no substitute for proper political argument

Letters to the editor: Tackling London’s housing crisis

While the planned new garden cities go some way towards addressing the low levels of housing stock across southern England, Londoners are still stuck with a housing crisis.

The lies we tell ourselves about the NHS

When Farage said all the EU money we saved could go into the health service I wanted to vote Remain


Northern Irish elections will give us new insight into May’s unionism

Will she step up the Conservatives’ campaign in the Stormont elections, or prioritise the Party’s burgeoning relationship with the Democratic Unionists?

Sex, lies and vitriol: the fake news that hands Trump a real victory

If Theresa May succeeds in luring Donald Trump over for a state visit to London, we should spare a thought for the courtier who has to brief the Queen on her guest’s interests. There’s money: he likes, in his own words, to “grab, grab, grab”. Then women: he “loves” so much that he bought the Miss Universe contest.

Today’s new world order has its roots in the events of 1917

This year marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution, which has parallels with today’s Putin-Trump power axis


We need a strong American president. We may be getting a weak one.

Trump has already fallen out with parts of the intelligence and security services – and risks a rift over Russia with his own party too.

The problem for the rest of the EU when discussing the UK’s exit from the EU

The rest of the EU clearly has a much bigger problem with Brexit than the UK does. They are the ones who lose our budget contributions, who need to keep access to our very lucrative market, who want full access to our successful jobs market to place more of their people who are unemployed or in lower paid work, who want to keep their surplus on public health payments, and enjoy the remittances from EU workers working in the UK.

The Guardian’s opposition to Section 40 is a humiliating blow for Mosley’s anti-press campaign

Bradley should make clear that this misguided campaign to muzzle the media will not succeed.

Taxpayers demand the greatest possible scrutiny on foreign aid

The foreign aid programme has had a bad press recently, so the Department for International Development (DfID) will have been pleased with a report from monitors on the impact of its cash transfer schemes. These involve spending hundreds of millions of pounds in direct payments to the world’s poor.


The Brexit negotiation. If May wants a good deal, she must be prepared to walk away – and mean it

Such a deal would, on balance, be better than Most Favoured Nation Status. But MFN would be better than a bad deal – and giving up on regaining control of our borders.


Jeremy Corbyn ditches plan for maximum wage cap

Jeremy Corbyn has ditched his plans to put a legal limit on how much people can earn – just hours after floating the idea.

Winter and the NHS

Jeremy Hunt yesterday gave a honest and detailed account of the state of the NHS and its response to winter demand. He told us just how big the increase in demand for care and treatment has been. There are 9m more visits to A and E than in 2000; He reminded us that there are 340,000 more people over 80 than in 2010, the age group needing most NHS care.

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