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Red Ed or Steady Eddy – which is it, Mr Miliband?

Labour’s first instinct as it seeks to balance the books will be to raise taxes, as Ed Balls’s latest speech proved


Cutting the numbers stuck on disability benefit is an important achievement

Providing the most effective help and opportunities for the disabled can be achieved at the same time as reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

Labour civil war after Balls lurches to Left with soak-the-rich 50 per cent tax bombshell

Blair allies accuse the Shadow Chancellor of ‘economic illiteracy’

Ukip’s rambling 2010 manifesto is old news

We now have a head of policy for Ukip, who, along with experts, is helping us to develop intelligent, costed policies which will form a manifesto for the 2015 general election


Why Ed Balls is deceiving us about his plans, and the 50p tax

Now and again, you have to ask: why did Gordon Brown get away with that massive government overspending that bequeathed such a calamitous deficit? The answer is that he dressed up his profligacy with technical-sounding language, and fooled everyone. Ed Balls thinks he can fool us again.


Could Patrick O’Flynn, iconoclastic journalist turned political spinner, be UKIP’s next leader?

The party is trying to professionalise while retaining its insurgent appeal. We take a look at the man tasked with the job.


Jeremy Hunt, people person

The Health Secretary is emerging as one of the main architects of the Government’s programme of radical public service reform.


Boris needs to get a move on

He should try to have a return to the Commons wrapped up by next autumn’s Party Conference.

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