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Motorists to be hit with £100 speeding fines to support victims

Motorists face a huge hike in speeding fines to as much as £100 to help fill a funding gap for victims of crime, Kenneth Clarke has disclosed.

The veto has been abandoned. The only option now is an In/Out referendum

So now we know: no repatriation, no renegotiation, business as usual. December’s ‘veto’ turns out to be nothing of the kind; at best, it is a partial opt-out. Britain had asked for concessions in return for allowing the other member states to use EU institutions and structures for their fiscal compact.

Nostalgia for grammar schools is misplaced

A rose-tinted view of the past is gaining currency, but my 80s comprehensive didn’t leave me the victim of a failed experiment


Goldman Sachs’ top City banker Michael Sherwood given £1.6m bonus

Goldman Sachs’ top London-based banker has received a share award worth $2.5m (£1.6m), according to a US regulatory filing.


Is David Cameron surrendering his veto to Europe?

If he caves in to Brussels, the Prime Minister will miss a huge opportunity.


Labour admit they now support the Government’s spending plans for the police

Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, has backed down and supported the Government’s pay freeze for police officers which will save £350 million.

The abortion counselling consultation is a con – which is why I pulled out

With a fact-free campaign, Tory MPs are attempting to bring the worst of the US abortion debate to British politics


Cameron blasts EU ‘tinkering’ in euro crisis

David Cameron today squared up to Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy by mounting a scathing attack on the European Union’s failure to address the crisis in the eurozone.

London’s schools could do much better

The revelations about the performance of London’s schools which we report today are possible thanks to the publication of greatly increased amounts of data on results.


Stephen Hester and Chris Huhne are symbols of a country in moral freefall

Small wonder young people are becoming less honest, given the example they are set

The problem Tory ‘feminists’ face

Even a vibrant Conservative MP such as Louise Mensch can’t avoid the fact that austerity is stripping us down to very old gender roles

Parliament must be given the final say on human rights

Our post-war human rights settlement has degenerated. David Cameron must press for urgent reform of the ECHR, says Blair Gibbs.


Is there a solution to the Coalition’s NHS problem?

Up until the last election I had my doubts about the implications for other Whitehall budgets of the NHS spending pledge but I understood the politics. Cameron wanted to neutralise the NHS as an issue by spending more on it than could probably be afforded… but in doing so he could concentrate on other difficult areas of reform.

Lansley Denies NHS Shake-Up Hinders Cuts

Andrew Lansley has defended his NHS shake-up after further criticism the reforms are hindering efforts to slash spending and improve services.

Independent Scotland would be beacon of progressive opinion, says Salmond

Salmond to say independent Scotland would champion welfare state and NHS, and thus help revitalise the centre-left in England

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