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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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Voting for Brexit hasn’t saved us from secretive trade deals

Once the UK leaves the EU, Liam Fox will be presented with arrangements more secretive and toxic than anything the EU has ever demanded


How Conservatives and reformists in Brussels decided the European Parliament’s presidency

Meanwhile, shock, anger, sorrow and denial over the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU has been replaced by a more business-like approach.


The coming local elections. Watch for a satisfied May, a beleaguered Corbyn…and a smug Farron

They take place three months from tomorrow – as will Birmingham’s mayoral election and that Surrey council tax referendum.


Brexit is happening – now the real work must begin

All of a sudden, some seven months after the UK voted to leave the EU, the prospect of doing so is turning into a reality. The period of phoney Brexit is over.

He spent 50 years hauling Britain into the modern world. Yesterday, in a speech that will echo down the years, he raged against the dying of the European light


Tories Start Selection Process Early

The Tories have started the first stage of their candidate selection process early, Guido can reveal. CCHQ has told its parliamentary candidates list that the Team Seats programme in 44 seats will be beginning “early”Team Seats, formerly known as City Seats, is the preliminary stage of the selection process in urban constituencies and Labour strongholds.

David Cameron ‘tried to get Daily Mail editor sacked’ over Brexit

David Cameron has been accused of trying to get the editor of the Daily Mail sacked over the paper’s strident backing for Brexit.


The Article 50 Bill. May and Davis should kill their opponents with kindness.

Not, admittedly, the kind of manoeuvre with which the Brexit Secretary is associated. But there are sound reasons for it.

Engagement and dialogue with America

There are calls today to downgrade, postpone, or cancel President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. Yet maintaining the closest relationship with the United States must be a major strategic priority for our government.

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