Week of Jan 5 – 11

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


More mentally healthy, more strong families, more socially just

What it is that makes old people less likely to be lonely, men less likely to kill themselves, and girls and boys less likely to self-harm.


Is Zac a politician?

Win or lose, the London Mayoral candidate now needs to show the message discipline of a conventional candidate…without losing his individualist charm.


Jeremy Corbyn’s fans are making Labour look like a cult

Screaming about mandates and media conspiracy theories used to be exclusively for unelectable fringe parties

Finally! A banker who talks sense on Brexit

Unfortunately the loudest voices in the Brexit debate tend to be hysterically pro-EU, warning that any change to the status quo would trigger economic Armageddon

Corbyn’s Labour is now an irrelevant cult

Labour is now mostly a front for some of the vilest and most repulsive political movements on the planet


Gaddafi’s warnings to Blair have been proven by today’s attack on Libyan police training centre

Transcripts of two telephone calls between the leaders on February 25, 2011 reveal that the West was quick to downplay the presence of Islamic extremists in the 2011 uprising

Emily Thornberry tells ITV News: I don’t know why Jeremy Corbyn gave me shadow defence job

Emily Thornberry, the new shadow defence secretary, has admitted to ITV News that she does not know why Jeremy Corbyn gave her the job. Ms Thornberry, who wants to scrap the UK’s nuclear deterrent, replaced pro-Trident Maria Eagle in Mr Corbyn’s first reshuffle as Labour leader this week.

The Labour leadership dismisses Nato at everyone’s peril

Europe still needs Nato – not least because of Vladimir Putin – but Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone doggedly refuse to acknowledge this fact

It is far better to extend FOI to charities than to restrict it further

Wherever our money goes, transparency should follow.


Voters aren’t applauding Corbyn, they’re giving up all hope for Labour

Corbyn’s team claims to represent and understand the working class – but his Islington clique does nothing of the sort

Corbyn’s Labour reshuffle signals a likely return to unilateralism

By ousting Maria Eagle, Corbyn removed an obstacle to his goal of ending Labour support for Britain’s nuclear weapons

No self-respecting politician could remain in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet

The Labour ‘heroes’ who resigned showed a courage sadly lacking in many of their colleagues

Can we have an Opposition, please?

Corbyn’s farce may be good for the Conservative leadership – and fun for this site – but it is thoroughly bad for Britain.

Andrew Gimson’s PMQs sketch: Cameron treats Corbyn with superfluous rudeness

The Labour Leader got through by sticking with grim determination to the floods.


Davidson pushes for Scottish school reform

Also: Welsh Conservatives seek power to bring standing back to sports grounds; SNP MPs under pressure over business and property dealings; DUP and Sinn Fein signal closer cooperation; and more.

Labour’s reshuffle kerfuffle is over – Corbyn must get on with the real work

The party needs to put internal politics aside and focus on the vital issues affecting the country, from housing to floods to the NHS

Obama’s gun control measures are astonishingly hypocritical when you consider his track record in arms sales

While Obama has been seen by some as a peaceful leader, he has escalated America’s drone wars and sold huge amounts of weapons

Might Grayling end up leading the Conservative Leave campaign?

Both he and Villiers showed nerve and resolve in helping to secure Ministerial freedom to differ over the EU referendum.


What I’ll be looking for in the next Conservative leader

It isn’t mindless flattery to think we are blessed to have Cameron. But when he does step back, here’s what his successor should be like.
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