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What does Nigel Farage have in common with Marine Le Pen? Wrong question!

Ukip and France’s Front National are closer than the former will admit, says Marine Le Pen. Is this true? Both are led by funny, attractive, charismatic leaders who have had quite enough of the usual politicking by the usual self-interested politicians; both want to restore their nation’s sense of pride and its sovereignty over Brussels

Downing Street needs an Office for the Elimination of BS

Too many bad ideas see the light of day, when they should be killed off unceremoniously.


Voters should identify themselves – but this must not be ID cards by the back door

We need to improve protection against voter fraud, without resurrecting Labour’s database state.


Osborne has set himself the task of finding every cut he can – so why’s he not doing that?

The Chancellor thinks that leaving pensioner perks untouched is good politics, but it could backfire in numerous ways.

Britain is booming. So do we still need ultra-low interest rates?

Car sales are up 11pc, making the FT splash this morning. House prices are soaring again, up 8pc last year. And the British Chamber of Commercehas this morning released its Q4 survey showing a startling surge in investment, orders and employment. Good news for George Osborne’s plan for a ‘balanced’ recovery: manufacturers’ capacity use, confidence and employment difficulties are at the highest since the survey began in 1988.

Banning Snapchat won’t stop students sexting – and that isn’t all we use the app for, anyway

Pupils at Eton will be intelligent enough to find another way to send saucy snaps

The great recycling myth

There’s absolutely no need to separate our rubbish by hand

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