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Week of Jul 10 – 16

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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each  day.


Is anyone brave enough to sign Theresa May’s death warrant?

When Theresa May delivered her Commons statement on Monday, she read out something her staff had shaped before the resignations of David Davis and Boris  Johnson.

“Brexit should be about opportunity and hope” – Johnson and May exchange letters

“I would like to place on record my appreciation for the service you have given,” she  replies.

The EU is now in control of Britain’s Brexit destiny

The list of things about the European Commission that many people at Westminster don’t understand is  long.


British Conservatives should beware Trump, but we can also learn from him

The President, and the wider rise of right-wing populism around the world, offers us some examples of what to do – and what not to  do.


Iain Dale: How I broke the news to Davis that Johnson had resigned

Plus: Why hasn’t May done a single interview about her Brexit plan since last Friday? And: Take a bow, Gareth Southgate and  company

The White Paper is even worse than the Chequers Statement

The White Paper proposes the UK staying in much of the current EU. White is the colour of the flag of surrender. Much of this White Paper sacrifices the bold idea we voted for, that we wish to  be a free and independent country again.  It wants us to stick with the European Chemicals Agency, European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Medicines Agency, with Europol and Eurojust, with a joint customs area, continued co-operation on energy and transport, minimum EU regulatory standards in many areas, joint military development and an EU data regime. We offer to pay for all these  things!


There will be no going back from May’s Orwellian Brexit deal

EU regulations would make a new transatlantic agreement  impossible

The BBC is wrong to scrap the Daily and Sunday Politics

The Corporation’s proposals represent a surrender to the modern trend of fracturing of political debate into regional silos and online  echo-chambers

We published a plan to get us out of the EU in January 2017

I keep hearing  the falsehood that the Brexiteers have no alternative plan to the government’s White Paper. I point out we have proposed a comprehensive free trade deal, or the WTO Global UK  options.


Theresa May fights for her premiership – and reveals Trump’s advice

Theresa May appeared on the Andrew Marr sofa with her premiership at its most vulnerable point since the disastrous snap election. After a week of frontbench resignations, a US Presidential visit that resulted in humiliation, a growing eurosceptic rebellion and a downturn in the polls, May belatedly tried to sell her Brexit blueprint to the  public.

Theresa May’s secret ‘cloak and dagger’ plot to foil Brexit revealed by minister who quit in protest

Theresa May has presided over a “cloak and dagger” plot to undermine Brexit, in a move that will “blow apart” public trust in democracy, the Prime Minister’s former Brexit minister has told The  Telegraph.

May’s big new problem is the loss of trust which she has inflicted upon herself

Her strategy now relies on asking people to believe that she will not buckle any further – just at the very moment she has caused many to doubt  her

May’s Brexit plan raises UKIP from the dead

And, late in the day, the Prime Minister bows to our advice, and rushes on to Marr, today, to make the case for her new  proposals.


Justine Greening: New Brexit referendum ‘is only way to end deadlock’

Former minister breaks ranks to urge second  vote

Though the prime minister has been a profound disappointment, she is only the symptom of a deeper  malaise

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