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Across the Pond by Steve Parkhurst

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The Lib Dem revival could be the Tories’ best hope of winning an election

When the leadership result was announced, Jeremy Corbyn’s keyboard warriors swung into action. Behold, they said: a new party leader whose track record involved overseeing years of austerity, voting for tax cuts for the super-rich and pursuing a neoliberal agenda. As for Boris the man, the Corbynites didn’t seem to mind him so much. It’s Jo Swinson, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, who is enemy number one.


The new Boris machine owes very little to Westminster

Until now, new Prime Ministers have always arrived in 10 Downing Street accompanied by the team they built around them in Parliament. But Boris Johnson is different. He is the creature of two Blair-era inventions: devolution and referendums. The team he is building around him in No. 10 is from City Hall and Vote Leave, where he was able to pioneer a new style of politics and government.


Boris must make up for the three years squandered by Theresa May

How will history judge Theresa May’s period in Number 10, which comes to an end today? Her tenure of three years and 12 days is not the shortest of recent times, having surpassed that of Gordon Brown, and is only marginally behind James Callaghan’s. She is the second woman to occupy the post – both Tories, it should be said – and the fourth Conservative prime minister in succession laid low by Europe.

As he becomes PM, new Tory leader knows he has to unite his party – and deliver Brexit

Letters: Boris Johnson brings a renewed optimism that will win back support for the Conservatives

SIR – I feel energised now that Boris Johnson is to be in charge. His enthusiastic, optimistic approach is infectious and it is long overdue.

I’m not particularly political, but I vowed not to vote Conservative again, after the Brexit agreement imposed by Theresa May at Chequers. Now maybe the Tories will get a second chance from me and many like me.


For an extensive interview on the subject from media partners, USA Business Radio and The Price of Business Show, click here.

Boris Johnson wins the Tory leadership race

Boris Johnson will be Britain’s new prime minister after winning the Tory leadership race. Boris picked up 92,153 votes, or 66.4 per cent. His rival Jeremy Hunt won 46,656 votes, or 33.6 per cent. Turnout in the leadership race was 87.4 per cent.

Today the Conservative party elects a new leader

Today I expect Boris Johnson  to be elected Leader of the Conservative party. Tomorrow he will take over as Prime Minister.

He will intensify so called No deal planning and get ready to implement his promise to leave the EU on 31 October.

Get ready for Boris vs the Bank of England

Westminster is, naturally, fixated on Boris Johnson and his first speech since his Conservative leadership victory. But it’s just possible that the most interesting and important speech of the day took place in Scunthorpe.

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