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Ed Miliband still looks like a man trying to square a circle

As thousands of public-sector workers went on strike, furious voters wanted clarity from Ed, not political language. This was a day to take a risk, and he played it safe

Nigel Farage hints at how a Tory / Ukip electoral pact might work

Vote Farage, get Miliband might not have quite as much resonance with voters as the Tories would like. But it is certainly effective with donors. If Ukip is seen as Ed Miliband’s passport to Number 10, it will be far harder for it to raise the money it needs to fight a successful general election campaign.

The latest cabinet reshuffle will be yet another exercise in the superficiality of politics

Labour can win and taxes will go up under Miliband

It is just after breakfast one day in mid-May next year. Ed Balls embarks on the journey he made every day for many years, through the Treasury and up to the office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Only this time, Mr Balls is not an adviser, along with Ed Miliband, helping Gordon Brown to end boom and bust – he is the Chancellor on his way to begin work on the first budget of a newly elected Labour government and Mr Miliband is Prime Minister. What might they have in mind for the economy and which taxes are they planning to raise?


How can we build ‘Brand Britain’?

The Spectator, in association with BAE Systems, hosted a half-day forum entitled ‘Exporting for Growth’ on 27 June. The event was held to discuss what can be done to spread British products and services globally, and to try and promote ‘Brand Britain’.

Uxbridge set to be destination Boris?

Mr S likes a flutter. His eyes were drawn to the latest speculation about Boris’s return to the Commons. Ladbrokes are offering 3-1 that the Blond Bombshell will be selected in Uxbridge, which is to be vacated by John Randall at the next election. Uxbridge is hardly K&C (Mrs S is agin it); but, it is a safe Tory seat in the capital: Ladbrokes have it 1/50 on for the Tories. Perfect for Boris, you might think.

Now that everyone’s a journalist, anyone can be sued

The plight of Dominic Prince shows why legal costs are a free-speech issue


Labour media team spends more time squabbling than selling Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband needs to be made to look strong, yet his press team and private office are divided and weak

The attitude to financial markets among MEPs is one of distrust bordering on hatred


Michael Gove’s ‘personal crusade’

Michael Gove’s speech to today’s education reform conference is a robust defence of his reforms. He calls closing the attainment gap between rich and poor a ‘personal crusade for me’.

The problem is that HMRC simply can’t compete with the big accountancy firms


‘Hopeless’ Warsi ‘resisting’ David Cameron’s fight against extremism

The government has failed to produce an adequate strategy to tackle non-violent extremism because the minister in charge of it is said to disagree with the Prime Minister’s approach, sources have told Coffee House.

Maude is right to take on striking militants – now he must woo Tory trade unionists

For all the lefty smokescreens, requiring a majority in strike ballots can be a vote-winner.


Survivors of child abuse deserve better than yet another cover-up

Naming and shaming those who lost evidence is the only way to bring the guilty to justice

He could start by looking at the way the government treats international students

Without Scotland, England will be a weedy laughing stock

Our future disunited kingdom could be more of a mess than anyone has really grasped

France may have a number of valuable assets, but we have flexible economic policy

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