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How the rise of Theresa May took the Tories by surprise

The Home Secretary has made her mark – and is being talked of as a potential next party leader

The only solution to the house price bubble — and only then a partial one, given foreign demand — is to build more homes

Miliband to affirm radical agenda for change at “Condition of Britain” launch

The IPPR report will play a crucial role in shaping Labour’s policy platform for the election.


My accidental war with Tony Blair

To Paris, for the launch of the French edition of my novel about the Dreyfus affair. As we land, I isolate three anxieties out of my general sense of unease. First is the natural nervousness of any Englishman contemplating telling the French anything about their own country.

Michael Deacon: Here’s my Queen’s Speech

I hereby submit the following list of new Bills for the Prime Minister’s consideration

Once Scotland votes, it’s England’s turn for a constitutional crisis

Regardless of the referendum outcome, major constitutional reform will be needed

Risky business: Osborne’s new warnings about the economy

The overwhelming theme of the Chancellor’s Mansion House speech was risk. As he describes it, the economy isn’t out of the woods yet.


David Cameron has dropped the idea of a new deal – the EU referendum will be on the existing terms

Ask Eurocrats about the prospect of a British renegotiation and you almost always get the same answer. If the United Kingdom wants substantial changes to the structure and institutions of the EU, they say, forget it. The EU was set up to advance political integration, and that remains its primary purpose. One member can’t be allowed to rewrite the rules for the other 27.

When some children can’t even place London on a map, teaching ‘British values’ is a lot easier said than done

The majority of fat people can “cure” themselves by saying no to that second helping of pie

Without change, Labour is choosing to lose

 The party’s present strategy of managing a declining poll lead must be altered.


The NHS is collapsing under the weight of demand

We must think about how we pay for health care

David Cameron acknowledges that some Tory MPs want to leave the EU

David Cameron addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers earlier this evening. The meeting was upbeat because of the introduction of the winner of Newark by-election Robert Jenrick and brief because Cameron had to go off and see the Queen.

Want to stop homeless people? Why stop at metal spikes? How about security guards, tasers and flamethrowers…

The French are right: tear up public debt – most of it is illegitimate anyway

Debt audits show that austerity is politically motivated to favour social elites. Is a new working-class internationalism in the air?


It’s not the job of the arts industry to get more ethnic minorities through its doors

You’ve got to feel sorry for the arts world. Decades of self-imposed diversity drives and community outreach schemes and still – still! – they’re told they’re not being inclusive enough.

The real reason water cannon are coming to Boris Johnson’s London

Yes, the mayor’s populist move is intended to soak his rival Theresa May – but beyond that, it’s about policing austerity

Britain needs ‘Church schools’ and ‘faith schools’

Following Freddy Gray’s piece yesterday about the pundits’ efforts to exploit the ‘Trojan Horse’ affair in order discredit ‘faith’ schools, I thought you might be interested in the statement below, from the Catholic Education Service, which pretty well sums up the argument.

Labour must ‘dare to lose’ and champion parish pump politics

Most voters are more concerned about litter and heritage than the rainforest

If they are the same as the Coalition’s, does that mean CCTV cameras in class and lessons in bashing the poor?


How the Tea Kippers hijacked Ukip and turned it into a toxic brand

What does Nigel do next? I suspect it’s a question the leader of the People’s Army has been asking himself a fair bit in the days following Ukip’s surrender to the forces of the establishment at Newark.

The strength of the Conservative team, the weakness of the Labour team

The failure of Yvette Cooper and Tristram Hunt in the Commons yesterday was a symptom of a bigger Opposition problem.

All pupils deserve a basic set of principles

Schools that stray must be dealt with firmly – whichever part of the country they’re from

France’s political system is crumbling. What’s coming next looks scary

Marine Le Pen has the centre-right in her sights. And Hollande has no clue and little hope

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