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Across the Pond by Steve Parkhurst

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Boris Johnson says coronation would be ‘totally wrong’ as leadership contenders vow to stay in the race

Boris Johnson said an unchallenged leadership coronation would be “totally wrong” and called for the race to stay competitive.

When will the resistance in Britain to populism properly begin?

It’s now getting late, at least in terms of Brexit, for opponents to get their act together


With Boris for PM, where do you put the rest of them in the ultimate fantasy cabinet?

The new Chancellor should be a convincing Brexiteer, but there is scope to reconcile Remainers and Leavers


After Boris’s pitch perfect performance, the leadership contest is over

Gone was the irresponsible, goofy persona and in its place stood a prime minister in waiting

Labour-led attempt to stop the UK leaving without a deal is defeated, in move that could help Boris Johnson

Boris and Sajid prove the power of embracing true conservatism

We may at last get a PM who refuses to kowtow to the Left

MPs reject Labour’s plan to block a no-deal Brexit

MPs have voted to reject, by 309 votes to 298, an opposition day motion which would have attempted to stop Britain leaving without a deal on 31 October.

Tories would be mad not to choose Boris for leader – no one else comes close

Oh, thank God. The overwhelming sense of relief! After three years of being led (and misled) by a stooping, scuttling wraith of a prime minister, after the misery of constipation without laxatives, after abject humiliation and Nervous Nellies and national shame and speak-your-weight soundbites and Project Fear and oh dear, oh dear, we have forgotten what optimism feels like. But here comes Boris.


Boring Boris? Johnson opts for risk-averse campaign launch

It was the launch event everyone was waiting for. After weeks of keeping a low profile – a submarine campaign according to critics – with just one newspaper interview, the leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson emerged this morning to officially kickstart his campaign. However, rather than opt for a circus tent, waffle freebies and thinly-veiled attacks at colleagues like some of his rivals, Johnson’s event at Carlton Gardens proved rather tame.

Don’t forget the middle

Labour claims to stands up for the poor, the dispossessed, the unemployed and the unfortunate. The Conservatives seek to show that many Labour policies would in practice damage them, as they would damage the economy as they memorably did in 1975-9, and in 2007-9. Fewer jobs, less growth and more unemployment as they produced do not cut poverty.


Mrs May’s non EU policies

Mrs May set out a strong vision of a fairer and more prosperous UK in her initial statement of beliefs as she became Prime Minister. It hangs on the wall in 10 Downing Street as a reminder to visitors of what she intended. Unfortunately in office she was unable to make progress with it.

Why Corbyn is right to ditch social mobility

Focusing on raising up a fortunate few is the easy option. Far better to improve life for all

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