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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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There is no place for a ‘stalking horse’ in a modern Conservative leadership challenge

It sounds as if either the newspapers or some MPs aren’t entirely sure in their grasp of the Party’s procedures.

Let’s try negotiating with the EU rather than ourselves!

At last today the UK will start negotiating with the rest of the EU. Some in politics and the media have been making our country look stupid by persisting in having a negotiation amongst ourselves over how weak a negotiating stance we should adopt in Brussels.

Let’s hear more about the economy, Mr Hammond, but make your message a Conservative one

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, said yesterday that the economy did not feature enough before the general election. It is hard to think of a statement more obvious, or more damning of the conduct of the Tory campaign. The truth is that almost nothing was heard about the role the Conservatives have played over the last few years to encourage growth, rebalance the books, and avoid the catastrophe of mass unemployment that has enmeshed so many of continental Europe’s young people in its toils.


The Grenfell Tower residents – and everyone else in social housing – deserve better lives, not politicking

It is almost impossible to comprehend the scale of the Grenfell Tower block disaster. as the final death toll has yet to be calculated. My thoughts and prayers go out to them, and my gratitude to those volunteers and neighbours who so selflessly have helped.

The future may or may not be bright. But either way, the future’s Brexit.

For all the chatter about the Customs Union, leaving the EU in full is still on course. But May’s bungled election has raised the chances of a disorderly outcome.

What happened to the ‘kinder, gentler’ politics, Corbynistas? Now we see thinly-veiled thuggery

In a world made smaller – sometimes claustrophobic – by modern technology, we are eager to find “our” people. In the Western world, where it is now unacceptable to self-segregate on the basis of sex, race, religion, or ethnicity, we choose to separate and identify ourselves through politics. The results have been predictable, and disastrous.


Farron’s sideswipe at the ethos of the party he led was truly remarkable

You may not agree with his views on gay sex and abortion – or what were his views – but they should not be marginalised as illegitimate.


What have we learned from this election?

What happens next to Brexit?

Trapped in their hall of mirrors the broadcasters and press wrote off Jeremy Corbyn. They have to change and reflect the world they report on

After this election result, support for a second referendum on Brexit is gaining ground

Since when did voting for a party mean endorsing every policy in any election manifesto? Especially when large chunks of the Tory offering are in the shredder.


Let’s stick with May for the moment. But prepare to replace her with Johnson.

He isn’t perfect – and acclamation isn’t the ideal method. But the Conservatives face a crisis and must take action accordingly.

The BBC and devolution

The election coverage once again revealed the BBC’s disdain for England. We had many  programmes and representations of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish viewpoint and their separate issues but nothing on England. England once again did not exist as a country of the Union in the BBC handling of questions, guests and subjects. The same has been true of their remorseless anti Brexit coverage.

Nick Clegg’s refusal to enter the House of Lords proves he’s exactly the sort of person they desperately need

Reform of the Lords will, eventually, become irrepressible. If more figures like Clegg turn down their opportunity to join the house as it stands, that process will speed up

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Radio Presenter

Knowing When Not To Interrupt An Epic Listener Rant

Austerity was already dead – so far as the state is concerned

The true austerity has been for household budgets – lower state spending to fund tax cuts would help.

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