Week of Jun 18 – 24

Across the Pond by Steve Parkhurst

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson through to the final two

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are through to the final stage of the Tory leadership contest, after the results of the fifth round of voting were announced . . .


Attack Boris all you like, but he’s the only man who can save us from Prime Minister Corbyn

A flurry of requests this week for me to appear on various TV panels debating the burning issue of the moment: “Is Boris Johnson fit to be prime minister?”


No deal is now the most likely Brexit outcome

We all know this is a great country. Sadly, it’s one currently very poorly led by a political elite, some masquerading as non-elite, which has great difficulties discerning and telling the truth. I am discouraged by just how badly Brexit has been handled to date, and currently pessimistic that this is going to get any better any time soon. I am worried that the longer the sheer lack of seriousness and honesty, the delusion mongering goes on, the more we imperil our long-term prospects.

Labour’s latest tax squeeze is a declaration of war on parental love

The party has rebranded the natural instinct to pass money to your children as a sinister vice

The Fed rethinks – what about the Bank of England

The Fed realised late last year it was raising rates too much and tightening the money supply too severely. It backed off and announced a re think. It is currently working its way through how it can change its approach and make it friendlier to economic growth.

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