Week of June 12 – June 18

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BoJo’s ‘cheery’ message for Greece

The Mayor of London had a rather downbeat forecast for the European nation as they awoke to a new government this morning

Global warming: second thoughts of an environmentalist

Fritz Vahrenholt, one of Germany’s earliest green energy investors, is not convinced that humanity is causing catastrophic global warming.

Former MP Michael Mates looks for political comeback

The former Conservative MP is standing as a police commissioner candidate at the age of 78. He’s also the man who resigned from John Major’s government over his friendship with Asil Nadir


The Conservatives in the Coalition show off their Tory credentials

The Conservative Party leadership is trying to undo public reaction to the botched Budget and cut the strong opinion poll lead Labour has opened up

The last thing Labour needs now is a settling of scores

A bastion of Blairism is under attack by unions. But none of this would matter if the party’s position was clearer

£1 billion deal paves the way for Trident nuclear deterrent replacement

Britain is to forge ahead with a new generation of nuclear weapons with a £1bn contract to be unveiled this week.


Ken Maddock chosen as Conservative candidate for Avon and Somerset police commissioner

Congratulations to Cllr Ken Maddock, the former leader of Somerset County Council, who has been selected to be the Conservative candidate for Avon and Somerset in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place on November 15th.

High house prices, rents and graduate debts create ‘boomerang generation

Hundreds of thousands of students will finish university in the next few weeks and return to the parental home. But high house prices and rents, coupled with rising graduate debts, mean many returns will not prove temporary but could persist for years. Welcome to the boomerang generation.


David Cameron’s ‘chumocracy’ is no substitute for a political mission

The Prime Minister’s social skills fail to disguise a worrying absence of ideology.

Greeks voting in anger cannot expect anything different from Syriza

If the leftwing coalition were to win Greece’s election, it would still have to follow more or less the same policy as other parties.

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