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Tory Wars: Backbenchers threaten backlash against Shapps backlash

There is a rather furious backlash underway against the backlash that Grant Shapps finds himself in the middle of after his bingo gaffe. Supporters of the Tory Chairman suspect he has been stitched up in some way. I understand that the graphic was emailed out to a number of tweeting MPs who all tweeted it at roughly the same time – Shapps was the first. And as Chairman, he has to take the flak.

Osborne has marked the borders of Benefit Land

Setting a cap on welfare spending is a momentous punctuation mark in the history of the post-war state – and it will make Labour sweat


Cameron adds to the chorus urging Boris to stand for the Commons in 2015

“I want to get him back in Parliament, I think he is a great…if you have got a great striker you want him on the pitch,” he tells James Corden.

Tory wars: Cameron invites Boris to have a go, if he thinks he’s hard enough

I’m not sure how many winnable Tory seats still need a candidate, but the Prime Minister has invited the Mayor of London to get in the ring.

How Thatcher sold council houses – and created a new generation of property owners

But intolerably high house prices now exclude ordinary people.


The Weaponised Chancellor

His ruthlessly targeted budget was a reminder that ideas are always secondary to Osborne’s main purpose: winning.


Ukraine crisis: we have to stand up to Russia – it’s a rogue state

Any failure to respond to Putin’s unprovoked aggression would set a very bad precedent

Robbing child benefit Peter to pay child care Paul

It makes no sense to deny better off couples child benefit – and then hand some of them child care tax breaks.

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