Week of Mar 29 – Apr 4

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


We’re following Germany to an energy disaster

A far darker shadow is hanging over Britain than that of the collapse of our steel industry. As she is the sister of a leading figure in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU, we may not be surprised by the warning from Amber Rudd, our Energy and Climate Change Secretary, that “Brexit” would raise our energy bills by £500 million a year.

The right struggles to align its beliefs with how it spends and saves. But the left has problems too

Living in the EU means living beyond our means

I have always thought the UK’s balance of payments deficit is a bigger problem than the state deficit, though the two are in part related. I have spoken about it often here and in Parliament. The reason is the longer we run a large balance of payments deficit the more money we will owe to foreigners, and the more of our industry and property will be brought up by overseas investors.

The Observer view on the problems facing British industry

Steel crisis of the government’s own making


Referendum rage: a warning from Scotland

We know all too well how it feels when politics becomes inescapable. The rest of you are about to find out

Do hopes and fears of Brexit move markets?

According to the Remain campaign, if the pound falls against the dollar that shows investors have fears about Brexit. In recent days the pound has been rallying against the dollar. They have gone quiet. Is this a reappraisal by investors, who now see the substantial gain to our balance of payments from leaving?   The pound fell from $1.47 to $1.38 between January and the end of February, but has since improved to $1.44.

After Redcar, how did Government get blindsided by steel again?

It shouldn’t plan the economy, but it does need to plan around the economy. Its failure to do so must be addressed.

Why I’m uneasy about academies for all

This is the use of socialist means to achieve Conservative ends in schools


Why Conservatives should want to intervene in Port Talbot

Industries collapse as a result of uncontrollable economic forces. But politicians have some control over the extent of the fallout.


Four options for the British steel industry

Introduce tariffs? Nationalise Tata Steel? Cut green taxes?

Save our steel – and the problems of nationalisation.

I want the government to find  a means  for a new owner or owners of our steel industry to keep open our current plants and to maintain a steel capacity in the UK. There are ways government can and should help bring about a new settlement that offers hope of continuing  steel production. Government can and should respond to demands over business rates, energy costs, anti dumping actions and public sector steel purchases.


The truth about Boris

Our attitude to him should exactly mirror his attitude to us: we should have our cake and eat it.

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