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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each  day.


Britain under the Green Party: Zero growth, no army, and everyone either high or hungry

What would happen if the Green Party were actually given the chance to put its politics into effect? Here’s one vision

George Osborne interview: smaller government is not enough

The Chancellor on elected mayors, northern cities and the need for ‘a bit of the Michael Heseltine’

What Ukip wants: get Farage elected, then prepare for a Labour collapse in the north

It all hinges on Farage winning South Thanet. But what if he doesn’t?

TV election debate turmoil: the broadcasters have no-one to blame but themselves

And why should they shape the election campaign anyway?

Our poll finds that almost a third of Conservative activists support a £50,000 cap on donations to political parties

And almost a quarter favour a ban on private loans to them.

The right election result could mean a change to our drug laws

But a hung parliament would make it difficult for the Tories or Labour to shut down the debate

The Green Party is a Looney Tunes alliance of druids and trots

The Green Party’s policies are daffy and dangerous in equal measure. Don’t let them do to Britain what they did to Brighton

Nigel Farage’s birthday message for Lord Ashcroft

As Lord Ashcroft turned 69 this week, the international businessman celebrated with a polling event on his birthday to announce the impending Labour bloodbath north of the border


How many seats will Ukip win? Not as many as they should

The Kipper complaint of a Westminster conspiracy is not entirely wrong

They all believed in lower taxes yesterday

Something remarkable happened yesterday in the Commons. All the Ulster parties present joined with Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives to advocate lower taxes for Northern Ireland. They told us that a lower tax rate in the province would lead to new investment, more company formation, more private sector jobs and greater prosperity. The Commons duly approved unanimously a measure which will allow Northern Ireland to cut its Corporation Tax rate from 21%, the present UK rate, to 12.5%.

“Can the Conservatives fight back against Labour faster than Labour can fight back against the SNP?”

A big lesson from the sum of recent Lord Ashcroft Polls is that the balance between Labour’s strength in England and its weakness in Scotland could be decisive in May.


After Nemtsov’s murder, Putin’s banditry must be confronted

As the Kremlin’s money grows scarce, more repression will take its place.

Ukip’s immigration policy is built on fairness

Writing exclusively for the Telegraph, Ukip’s leader, Nigel Farage, explains exactly what he would do to cut immigration and reform Britain’s borders

Ukip dumps its 50,000 immigration target – could this help the Tories?

It was a bit rich of George Osborne to tease Nigel Farage for ‘a novel approach to policymaking’ for dumping Ukip’s previous commitment to a 50,000 cap on the number of migrants arriving in the UK each year live on the Today programme. George Osborne found this rather funny, even though he and his colleagues have spent the past year doing something reasonably similar.

Scrap IPSA, keep outside interests, adopt Recall, – and free the Commons from professional politicians

Instead of prohibiting second jobs, we should treat serving as an MP as being a second job.

As other nations have been rethinking their approach and admitting mistakes, British politicians have been too scared to embrace reform

£3bn to repair Parliament? Knock it into flats and send MPs up North

In contrast to the Bercow masterplan, my idea would cost taxpayers nothing


Theresa May’s immigration pledge is a challenge to Boris Johnson for the Conservative Party’s soul

James Kirkup says the Home Secretary is signalling that she would commit the party to resisting the open-market liberalism of the London mayor

Willetts, Clarke, Warsi – and campaign discipline

Election day is scarcely eight weeks away, presenting a united front matters, and this is no time for the Conservatives to be squabbling over immigration policy.

Ukip MEP in Nazi Twitter spat over Joseph Goebbels

The Ukip spring conference was somewhat overshadowed by a publicity stunt from a local theatre group in Margate, which saw dancers dressed as Nazis high-kick their way through Springtime for Hitler to publicise their production of The Producers.

Can the Tories really make another net migration target?

Why is Theresa May doggedly sticking to the Tory net migration target, even when it has failed so badly in this Parliament? Her Tory colleagues might be asking why she’s even talking about it when immigration is not one of the key campaign priorities for her party. It is supposed to be talking about housing this week, not immigration.

Kensington needs a Tory MP who really cares about the place

There’s no shortage of high-profile candidates to take on this safe seat – but it is a misunderstood part of London.

Britain needs boldness, not tinkering

The Conservatives are right to prioritise housing, but they must go much further

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Across The Pond is edited daily by Steve Parkhurst. Steve is a political consultant, a writer at his blog as well as a Senior Editor here at US Daily Review. Follow Steve on Twitter  @SteveParkhurst

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