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Four out of five Party members believe an In/Out EU Referendum should be a second Coalition red line

Cameron’s options for a second term of government with Clegg are narrowing.

Don’t reduce class sizes: the OECD’s lessons for education in the UK

So much of the education debate is about how UK schools perform relative to those in other countries – this week Liz Truss reported back from her visit to Shanghai – so when MPs on the Education Select Committee grilled Andreas Schleicher, the Deputy Director of the OECD which ranks education systems worldwide, they were keen to find out what his data suggests is causing the gap in performance between children in UK schools and those in cities such as Shanghai and countries such as Singapore.


If recall is back on the table it must be the real thing

Nick Clegg’s original proposals were a sham – a new Recall Bill must give true power to the people.

The coalition has stabilised childcare costs – so why do headlines suggest they’re rising?

You may have heard about the Family and Childcare Trust’s survey today, about the costs of childcare. You wouldn’t know it from the headlines but it actually found that in England, costs have fallen for the first time since the survey started 12 years ago.


George Osborne’s intrigues against Boris are a sign of Tory panic

‘Be careful what you wish for” is a rule that applies to politics as to so much else. Over the weekend, George Osborne let it be known that he would like Boris Johnson to stand for Parliament in 2015, and join the Tory effort to secure an outright majority. David Cameron expressed much the same view to his party a few conferences ago – but the Chancellor has reportedly gone a step further and given the “Back Boris” project official sanction, by making a personal appeal to the London mayor.

Conservative MPs break ranks with Putin’s party

Our call for them to leave the EDG group in the Council of Europe is followed by a suspension of their membership.

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