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What should our post-Brexit immigration policy look like?

Countries with which we strike future trade deals – the top priority for Party members according to our survey – should be treated more favourably than those with which we don’t.

Theresa May accuses Russia of an unlawful use of force against Britain

Theresa May has given Russia until Wednesday to explain why a nerve agent that it has developed was used in the Salisbury attack. She told the House of Commons that it was ‘highly likely’ that Russia was responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Vince Cable, not Brexit voters, is the one stuck in the past

Everyone, understandably, is focusing on the white ‘nostalgia’ bit of Vince Cable’s speech to the Lib Dem conference. His slur against older Brexit voters, whom he thinks voted against the EU because they want to go back to a world where ‘passports were blue, faces were white and the map was coloured imperial pink’, has caused a stink, and rightly so.


The EU shouldn’t punish Brexit. They’d soon regret it

Last Monday, Theresa May’s chief of staff talked junior ministers through her Mansion House speech. Gavin Barwell was frank with them. The decision to stay in various EU agencies — and the commitment that UK regulatory standards for goods would remain ‘substantially similar’ to Europe’s — would make it harder to negotiate big trade deals with other countries.

Brexit is distracting Theresa May from pressing problems of housing and the NHS

If it weren’t for Brexit, it might be possible for No 10, the Treasury and the Health Department to work together to try to solve the social care problem that was botched in the election, which would go a long way to easing the pressure on the NHS

So much for the ‘madman’: How Trump is delivering on his promises

We’ve just seen the most remarkable moment of the Trump presidency yet. Within 24 hours, the President both signed an order slapping tariffs on foreign steel and aluminium and it was revealed that he has accepted an invitation to meet Kim Jong-un. This is history in the making. If Trump delivers to his voters, he’ll not only win a second term but go down as a transformative president – not a failed rupture from business-as-usual.


Modern life is all about pulling strings, but we shouldn’t have to ‘game’ the NHS system too

One January morning just over two years ago, my husband and I were sitting on tiny chairs in a school hall, watching our son play Friar Tuck in his class assembly. The room was crowded and stuffy, and George – then eight – seemed a little pale under his costume of corpulent monk. But he delivered his lines with aplomb, and when the play finished we rushed forward to congratulate him. As my husband lifted him up for a hug, George was violently sick over his shoulder, and then went limp.

The Brexit Vision

Following the rejection of the UK’s very generous offer to the EU by the Commission and the Parliament, I am reminding people why we voted Leave by publishing the relevant section from my recent lecture.

Jeremy Corbyn should offer pro-EU hope, not more fears about Brexit

Our pamphlet argues why Labour needs to adopt a clear anti-Brexit stance and act as a catalyst for change in Europe


Andrew Gimson’s PMQs sketch: May fobs Corbyn and the rest of us off with platitudes

The dismal truth is that nobody in the Labour leader’s office any longer expects him to be any good.

The Italian election

The BBC and other parts of the media seem to be very quiet about the Italian election. You would have thought this stunning result was worth a bit of comment, analysis and discussion. Just as we saw in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere in the Eurozone the traditional centre right and centre left parties have been dashed aside.


The Government should push ahead with voter ID trials

Claims that there is no case for them beyond the interests of the Conservative Party ring hollow in the face of the Electoral Commission’s support.


Complex supply chains and industrial integration

There is a strain of advice going to Ministers from officials, the CBI and others of the Remain persuasion that we now have complex supply chains in business, and that European integration of industrial activity means we have to stick close to the single market.

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