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Nick Clegg defends NHS bill at Lib Dem conference

Liberal Democrats have decided against holding a debate calling for changes to the NHS in England to be dropped.

Obama is still in a hole. It may yet be deeper than his Republican rivals’

It’s hard to imagine Mitt Romney giving the next inauguration speech. But it’s distinctly possible that he will

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu attacks Government over right to wear cross

The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has attacked the Government for denying that Christians have a right to wear the cross at work.

A coalition breakdown may come sooner than we think

The NHS row, mansion tax v tycoon tax, Lords reform: the Tories and the Lib Dems look to be heading for an all-out war.


The Lib Dems and the cruel dilemma of coalition politics

The Lib Dems have a big problem with Coalition politics. They are the one party that believes coalition government can be better than majority party government.

The politics of post-2015

Have you noticed, CoffeeHousers, that our politicians are talking more and more about what they’d do after the next election?

Lib Dems in fresh turmoil over NHS reform Bill

The Liberal Democrats have descended into fresh turmoil over controversial NHS reforms, as activists refused to fully endorse the plans.

The case for gay marriage is fundamentally conservative – it will strengthen Britain’s social fabric

As the author GK Chesterton observed, if you leave a thing to itself, you are leaving it to wild and violent changes.


You’re lucky to have a job – you surely can’t want a pension, too?

George Osborne’s plans for higher-rate taxpayers will make him more enemies than friends.

JET — three letters that spell trouble for the coalition

JEET. That, according to Andrew Grice in the Independent, is the new ‘buzzword’ circling around Libdemville. And it stands for the issues that they want to keep mentioning whenever they can: jobs, education, environment and tax.

Labour supporters turn on Livingstone

Over the past week scarcely a day has gone by without an impassioned attack on Ken Livingstone by a Labour supporter.


David Cameron need take no lessons from Barack Obama, but he might listen to Mitt Romney

While in the US, the Prime Minister should look at Romney’s plans to stimulate growth.

Despite his leaked criticism of Government economic policy, Vince Cable’s presence is vital to the Coalition

Their failure to stop the health bill will come to define the Lib Dems

With surgical precision, the Tories are disembowelling the welfare state – sheep-like, decent Lib Dems can only watch

Ken Livingstone tax avoidance: Labour unease grows

On the Labour Uncut website today appears this remarkable open letter from Jonathan Roberts, a Labour Party member and parliamentary candidate at the last election, to Livingstone


Don’t tax pensions, George Osborne told

More than five million middle-class retired people could be freed from paying income tax on their state pensions, the Treasury’s tax advisers have suggested.

As feminists, united we fall apart – divided we may yet succeed

My International Women’s Day thought? We should act more like a football team and less like synchronised swimmers

Why Ed’s right on manufacturing

The Labour MP for Hartlepool says that the government needs to adopt a long-term industrial strategy now

There is no shortage of police in London – it’s just that they are seldom where they are most needed


Coalition lacks vision, says Vince Cable

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has admitted in a leaked letter that the Government lacks “a compelling vision of where the country is heading” after the financial crisis.

Ed Miliband just doesn’t get globalisation

If you think things couldn’t get worse than Ed Miliband’s Five Live interview, read his speech on patriotism. It seeks to build on his ‘predators’ speech, which suggested a Manichean divide between bad companies and good companies.

Put on a suit and tie, Mr Romney. You’re not fooling anyone

From this side of the Atlantic there are quite a few puzzling things about Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner in the American election. (He was in front last time I checked, but you never know, things change so fast this year.)


Ed Balls the unlikely Blairite is out to make new friends in the City

The shadow chancellor has one priority – to give Labour a chance of winning the election.

How radical should this government be?

The departure of Steve Hilton as the PM’s Blue skies adviser will co-incide with the end of the first two years of the Coaltion government.

Here’s a way to give power to the people

The clamour is growing for referendum-style direct democracy.

Why liberals can’t understand conservatives

There was an interesting post in the Independent the other day about the rise of libertarianism.


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