Week of Mar 8 – 14

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Family courts must submit to ‘laptop justice’

The reforms of the courts will see parents having to interact with judges electronically, on issues more important to them than anything else in the world

The party’s over for young people, debt laden and risk averse

With such grave financial prospects, it’s no wonder today’s under-25s prefer jogging to drinking. To have a sense of freedom now seems illogical


George Osborne clears path for tax cuts in Budget with £1bn benefits raid

More than 600,000 disabled people will lose a portion of their benefits payments in a move that will save £1.2billion by 2020 and could allow the Chancellor to cut taxes for the middle classes.


Welcome to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, a home for every mad Trot and anarchist in Britain

Militant Lefties are coming back to Labour after Neil Kinnock kicked them out, and they’ll fit right in with the Labour leader and his ilk


Mark Carney has debased himself by wading into the EU referendum

If the Bank of England Governor wanted to express political opinions about issues like the European Union, he should have stood for office

What makes undecided voters decide – and are they really undecided in the first place?

I’m one of 20 per cent who have not made their mind up about how to vote in the EU referendum.


A dishonest, petulant egomaniac who loathes democracy – Juncker is the embodiment of the EU

If this absurd comic-strip Euro-villain didn’t exist, the Daily Mail would have to invent him.

It’s been six months, Nicola Sturgeon. Where are your refugees?

This week Yvette Cooper was taken to task by Nick Ferrari on LBC over her refugee pledge. Although the former Labour MP had declared that she would be happy to house refugees in her own property, it turns out that she hasn’t actually done so

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