Week of May 21 – 27

Across the Pond by Steve Parkhurst

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


A Tory leader must face up to Farage

n normal circumstances, the favourite candidate to succeed Theresa May as Conservative party leader would be the most experienced member of the Cabinet. Yet Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, a former Foreign and Defence Secretary, and a member of the Tory top team for almost 15 years, is not even standing.

The winner of this Tory leadership race will be the spirit of Thatcherism

Brexit is not the only cause at stake. Candidates such as Dominic Raab want to return to a small-state, low-tax creed


Tories must choose a leader with a credible plan for a proper Brexit

Now that Theresa May has announced her resignation – and we wish her the very best for the future – the Tories need to pick a successor who has a credible, detailed pan for a genuine departure from the EU.


Prime minister to leave Downing Street, drawing three-year tenure to a close

The stars are aligning for a Johnson premiership

Plus: Leadsom is a mensch. The Euro-elections may be a Conservative wipeout. And: my interview with Blair.


How Strache and Farage use socialist techniques to con Tories

They’ve taken the central political technique of this form of populism — promising to spend other people’s money — and privatised it.


Our justice system is failing the survivors of sexual assault

My Harlow constituent described her life as having been served a “lifetime sentence” of psychological and emotional torment.

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