Week of May 24 – 30

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


When – if ever – will the real David Cameron stand up?

David Cameron looked relaxed, suave, untroubled and urbane in footage from the G7 summit last week. He was, after weeks of strife at home as his party tears itself in two over the referendum, in the sort of place where he plainly feels seriously chillaxed: with fellow world leaders, in one of their cosy clubs, where they flatter and revere each other – sometimes even sincerely – and can do, or pretend to do, business as great people must. And all without the tiresome interference of public opinion.

How we will be better off out

Remain has made a wicked presentation of dodgy forecasts, implying we will be worse off out. Their unlikely estimates all show that over the period up to 2030 we will be better off, whether out or in, than  we are today.What we are arguing about is not a cut in our  income but how big a pay rise we get.


Membership of the EU means a discriminatory immigration policy

Controlling our own borders would allow entry to this country to be based on merit.


Bankers are now facing their Uber moment

Bankers are a resilient lot. They survived the financial crisis, and they’ve largely survived the subsequent regulatory crackdown. More remarkably still, they have so far survived a digital transformation which has upended many other service industries, from retail to media, music and taxi-hailing.

Fair migration and good facilities for new arrivals

During the first quarter of 2016,  224,000 EU migrants got jobs in the UK. Just 5000 migrants from elsewhere in the world were added to the UK workforce, whilst 185,000 British people got jobs.


How you can still be Prime Minister, George – a letter from Mandelson to Osborne

Some advice from the former to the latter.


If Cameron won’t debate against Boris, Osborne should do so

If the Prime Minister won’t defend his pro-EU case head-to-head, the Chancellor should.
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