Week of May 29 – June 4

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Tom Waterhouse: The challenge for the Conservatives in London

The most important election result we’ll see between the last general election and the next saw Boris Johnson returned as Mayor of London. Throughout the count on 4th May, the bar charts on the live screens showed that this two-horse race was going to be won by a nose.


The UK is praying Spain sorts out its banking crisis

As the Spanish banking crisis grows yet deeper, Philip Aldrick examines the burgeoning threat and the potential impact of a eurozone-funded bank rescue.

Osborne can still prosper but he must choose between being Chancellor and general busybody

There’s not much joy for George Osborne in today’s YouGov poll for The Sunday Times. Two weeks ago ConHome revealed that Tory members had lost a lot of faith in the Chancellor and negativity is now widespread across the public.

Still living with your parents at 30? Get a life

Children who won’t leave home are being fools to themselves. And parents should stop mollycoddling them


The facts are clear. This cruel austerity experiment has failed

While the human cost of economic stupidity is all too visible, the world’s leaders are paralysed by their dogma


The stakes are perilously high for our winner-takes-all Chancellor

Optimism comes easily to George Osborne. In the face of adversity he chooses to smile with the confidence of a politician who relishes a challenge. There is something of the high-stakes poker player about the Chancellor, a keen student of the Lyndon Johnson Texas school of hard-nosed politics.

Independents and Conservatives reach deal to run Mole Valley

Cllr Chris Townsend, an  Independent councillor Mole Valley District Council, has become leader of the Council in coalition with the Conservatives. As there are seven independents and 16 Conservatives this is an unusual way round. the Lib Dems, with 19 councillors, are mad as hornets.

In the EU, “austerity” means reality, and growth can only be achieved through competitiveness

The debate surrounding Europe’s economic crisis has reminded me of Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty. In Through the Looking Glass he scornfully tells Alice: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”


How to kickstart the UK economy – at zero cost to 99% of us

By imposing a capital gains tax charge at 28% on the seriously rich 0.003% we could create 1.5m jobs over the next two years

Why I think doctors are right to strike

Those nasty, money-grabbing NHS doctors! What with their “helping people” agenda and their working ridiculous hours for less than a tenth  of the sums paid to the Square Mile’s finest, these “fat cat” healers must be the true villains of our age.


Lansley: ‘I pursued a strategy – and the PM was supportive’

The health secretary tells Amber Elliott about his struggle with the health reforms, looking at social care budgets, and why he’s not worried about the future


Dan Hodges: The Only Way is Miliband

Miliband is jubilant after the May elections, but Labour still has a way to go to win the nation’s heart and convince them Ed is the answer

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